Invaded Barracks

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Invaded Barracks StructureIcon.png
Invaded Barracks.png
Discovery Lore
Once the barracks of the Almuj Army, it has been taken over by the traitorous rebel, Commander Takan.
Coordinates X: 1398, Z: -2225
Access Points 1358, -2165
1471, -2168
Suggested Level 30
Involved Quests The Mercenary
Type/Biomes Desert
Uses Quest

The Invaded Barracks are a collection of large army barracks located in the desert, east of Almuj. Originally Admiral Amerigo's army was located here but Commander Takan invaded the barracks with a group of Bandits.

Usage[edit | edit source]

During the quest The Mercenary the player has to infiltrate the barracks and assassinate Commander Takan.