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NPC Info
X: -475 Z: -4905
Location Cinfras

The Juggler is an NPC in Cinfras who operates the Juggler's Tavern, a set of four Fast Travel stations which can transport players to various cities in the east of Gavel.


-475, 47, -4905
Wynncraft Map

The Juggler is located in an open area just south of the main path through Cinfras, on the right when entering the city through its main entrance.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Juggler (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 426 Z: -1531
Location Detlas

In Cinfras[]

-475, 47, -4905
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Juggler: ...Heh? What d'ya want?
  • Further conversation with the Juggler:
    • [1] "There are festivities in Detlas.":
      • Juggler: Festivities... In Detlas, y'say? Now, this could be a wonderful opportunity to expand my jugglin' business...
      • Juggler: Tell ya what! I've been lookin' to expand this here business o' mine for some time, and to do so I could really use more... knowledge.
      • Juggler: So how 'bout this? You bring me [1 Llevigar Teleportation Scroll] and [1 Olux Teleportation Scroll], and I come to this festival o' yours. Deal? Deal.
    • [2] "How does this place work?":
      • Juggler: Oh... Heh, those're trade secrets, pal. If I went tellin' everyone who asked that I get to legally throw people, I'd be outta business!
      • Juggler: Wait, did I just... Hey! Don't you go around tellin' nobody! That's top secret jugglin' tech right there.
    • [3] "Just passing through.":
      • Juggler: Then pass on through one of our affordable travel options! Wait, do we even charge people for this?
  • Giving the Juggler Llevigar and Olux Teleport Scrolls:
    • Juggler: Do y'have the goods? Oh, yes you do... Heh, this'll let me get the jump on all th' competition...
    • Juggler: Huh? Detlas? Yeah, sure, whatever... I'll be there soon, go on ahead.

In Detlas[]

426, 67, -1531
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to the Juggler in Detlas:
    • Juggler: Hm hm... You! Glad to see y'again, pal. Glad y'invited me to this place in th' first place!
    • Juggler: Never been to Detlas before... But had I known these folks had a tavern, I'da come rushin' soon as I could!
    • Juggler: This place is so weird! Didja know they don't even throw ya places?! That's crazy! What good and normal tavern doesn't throw people places?
    • Juggler: Though, I hadn't thoughta servin' drinks... These are the trade secrets I've been searchin' for my whole life!
  • Further conversation with the Juggler:
    • Juggler: Hey, pal!! Didja need somethin' from me?
    • [1] "Tell me more about your plans for your business.":
      • Juggler: ...Alright, cause we're pals, I'll let you in on a secret.
      • Juggler: Four towns? Probably th' most I'll have for a while. I mean, I ran outta interestin' ideas long ago! I can't reuse jugglin' methods, that'd be cheating!!
      • Juggler: But that doesn't mean I can't go bigger. And go bigger I will, pal! Bigger than ya've ever seen!! Someday, I'll be a big shot, pal!!!
      • Juggler: ...Ah, but that's for th' future. For now, I'm content just drinkin' away in this tavern of... lesser quality.
    • [2] "Have you learned anything yet?":
      • Juggler: Oh, I've learned plenty, pal. Apparently most taverns in th' world don't throw people places. Crazy, right?!
      • Juggler: And on top o' that, they serve real drinks here!! I thought those were just supposed t'be decorative! The more y'know, right?
      • Juggler: And, lastly... I've learned this bartender's a chump! Doesn't suspect a thing. Soon, all his secrets will be mine, and I'll rule the world... Of taverns.
    • [3] "How has Detlas been so far?":
      • Juggler: Heh? Detlas? Been fine, I guess.
      • Juggler: Haven't seen much o' it yet, I've been busy scouting out this place...
      • Juggler: I'll find the time eventually!! This is more important work, pal, y'know?
    • [4] "Just passing through.":
      • Juggler: Yeah, yeah, pass on through pal! Hey, couldja get me another drink from th' bar?
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Juggler: Hey! You! Pal! Get over here!
    • Juggler: So y'see, now that I've scouted this place out... They're nothin' compared to my establishment!
    • Juggler: I've gained plenty of info though... Now that I know what all th' competitors are up to!! And it's nothin', they're up to nothin'!
    • Juggler: Do you know how freein' that is? Knowin' how nobody can stand up to you?! I'm on top of the world, pal, and nothin' could take me down!
    • Juggler: Hey, here, in the spirit o' Craftmas or whatever. Take these here teleportation scrolls, they'll take ya straight to my place! Then y'can enjoy all that I have to offer!
    • Juggler: Gettin' thrown places! Gettin' taken somewhere by a horse!! Gettin'... transported somewhere through leaves!!! Uh... Fallin' through a tunnel somewhere? Point is, you've got options, pal!
    • [+10 Cinfras Teleportation Scrolls]
    • Juggler: ...What're y'lookin' at me for? Didja need somethin'?