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NPC Info
Location The Desert
Quest Involved Quicksand, Temple Ruin, Boulder Pit, Temple of Swords

Junes is an archaeologist who is currently investigating the ruins of the desert empire, which collapsed over two thousand years ago. She appears in four Desert Secret Discoveries, and investigates ruined sites with the player while explaining what she already knows about the empire.



In Quicksand, Junes happens to be exploring the desert when she notices the player has fallen into a pit of quicksand. Junes decides to jump in, and discovers a library ruin along with the player. They read through some of the books, and learn some interesting things about the desert empire before leaving because of the dust.

Temple Ruin[]

In Temple Ruin, the player discovers a ruin that Junes has been excavating for half a year by cutting through some cacti and making a new opening. Junes explains some of the context of the ruined sites and her suspicion that a sceptre she has seen alluded to through symbols was the source of the desert Emperor's power.

Boulder Pit[]

In Boulder Pit, Junes is investigating the inside of a boulder when the player pushes it over to break into a desert ruin. Junes mentions that there were markings all over the boulder before noticing a dead body, and realizing that it is relatively new. Junes figures that someone must have been hiding and gotten trapped, but is able to break through a rotten wood door to get out.

Temple of Swords[]

In Temple of Swords, Junes expresses surprise that the player managed to get into the temple at all, but then helps to continue by breaking down a barrier. They both discover that the temple is dedicated to a room full of treasure and an item on a pedestal, but interestingly, the item on the pedestal is missing, but the treasure is not. Junes warns the player not to take any of the treasure before they leave.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

In Almuj[]

Junes (Almuj)
NPC Info
X: 876 Z: -1931
Location Almuj
876, 67, -1931
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Junes: Oh, hello! I haven't seen you around here in a little while.
    • Junes: ...Why do you look so cheerful? You haven't broken into another ancient ruin, have you?
  • Further conversation with Junes:
    • [1] "There are festivities in Detlas.":
      • Junes: What, did you want me to go to them or something?
      • Junes: Oh, that's nice of you to ask. I guess I could go, but while you're here... I could use your help actually!
      • Junes: You seem to have a knack for finding stuff, from what I can tell. Do you think you could find me [8 Terracotta Chunks]? It's for my research on the old empire.
      • Junes: Some of the rarer desert creatures date back to the time of the empire. I've managed to find small chunks of shale around them, but I could really use a larger sample.
    • [2] "How is your research going?":
      • Junes: Pretty well actually! I recently found another one of the empire's ancient libraries, and it has some promising scriptures about the city itself.
      • Junes: The city actually had indoor plumbing, can you believe it? That's unheard of for that era. But that's not the best bit!
      • Junes: The library also had a map! I now have an actual layout of the city to base where I should search off of!
    • [3] "Just glad to see you.":
      • Junes: Glad to see you too, I guess.

In Detlas[]

Junes (Detlas)
NPC Info
X: 422 Z: -1522
Location Detlas
422, 67, -1522
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Junes in Detlas:
    • Junes: Nono, see how this piece has this raised line on it? That's a mold line. This bottle can't be more than 150 years old.
    • Rusty Bartender: The guy I bought them from said they were pre-portal. I guess I overpaid for them then.
    • Junes: They're very nice examples! But yeah, they're definitely from around 870 to 920 AP... Probably made in Troms.
    • Junes: Oh hello <playername>, didn't see you there. I was just helping the bartender here identify some of his antique liquor bottle collection.
    • Rusty Bartender: And help you definitely did, miss. I'll never buy from that merchant in Rymek again!
    • Junes: ...Anyway. As you can probably tell, I've been enjoying the break from Almuj. Thanks for inviting me here!
    • Junes: You're enjoying the festivities too, I take it?
  • Further conversation with Junes:
    • Junes: Hello <playername>! Can I help you with anything?
    • [1] "What have you been up to here?":
      • Junes: Well, you know. I'm always in it for the history - I've been studying the traditions associated with this festival, actually.
      • Junes: There have been winter festivals of some kind for hundreds of years, as it turns out. Possibly longer... I haven't found an exact starting date.
      • Junes: The idea seems to have originated in Lusuco, with small celebrations of having made it to the coldest point of the winter.
      • Junes: Looking forward to the coming warm season and all. Over the years it grew more elaborate, and became the Wynnter Fair.
      • Junes: Now the whole province celebrates the Wynnter season with festivals like this one.
      • Junes: Even people from other provinces are starting to show up, though I think you might have something to do with that.
      • Junes: Not the usual way of being festive, I know, but this kind of stuff fascinates me to no end.
    • [2] "Know anything about Detlas' history?":
      • Junes: Not as much as I'd like. Supposedly there was another town here that Detlas was built on top of, you know.
      • Junes: I'd love to try and find it, but with Detlas being here now and all... Somehow I doubt people would be okay with me digging up the town square.
      • Junes: The barman showed me some bottle fragments he found in his basement earlier, though I don't think they're very old, sadly.
      • Junes: I wish Detlas had a library, but it doesn't seem anyone here is very interested in preserving or recording the local history. I'll keep looking though.
    • [3] "Tell me something about the empire.":
      • First selection:
        • Junes: Well... Hm, where to start? It was exceedingly rich. Even normal citizens had fairly large houses, clean drinking water.
        • Junes: A simple farmhouse, for example, contained elaborately decorated pottery, metal jewelry... you get the point.
        • Junes: It's one of the reasons there's so many thieves around the desert! Everyone wants a piece of that lost wealth. Most don't have any respect for preserving history, sadly...
        • Junes: If only there was a device of some kind that could locate buried artifacts somehow, without having to dig up the whole desert... It would certainly help.
        • Junes: But that's not possible, is it?
      • Second selection:
        • Junes: The empire was well educated, actually. I've found a number of libraries scattered around the desert.
        • Junes: They mostly detail agricultural techniques, construction methods, basic arithmetic. No magical knowledge of any kind.
        • Junes: And yet, I've found references to magic, and a number magical artifacts. It seems magic was restricted to only the very elite, possibly just the Emperor...
      • Further selections:
        • Junes: Honestly, <playername>, I came here to take a break from my desert research. We can talk about something else though, if you want.
    • [4] "Just passing by.":
      • Junes: Well, it's good to see you anyway. Thanks again for inviting me!
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Junes: Oh! <playername>! Glad to have caught you. Apparently it's traditional to give gifts in this festival, and...
    • Junes: As a thanks for getting me that specimen I've wanted, I thought I'd give you something. Firstly, some payment for your help earlier, but also...
    • Junes: I've found a lot of these keys, all identical, around the desert, and seeing how I only need to have one to study, I thought you could have the rest.
    • Junes: Who knows? They might unlocks something important somewhere...
    • [+5 Sand-Swept Tomb Keys]
    • [+512 Emerald Blocks
    • Junes: Well, anyway! Can I help you with anything?


  • Junes's dialogue in the Festival of the Blizzard was inspired by real-life hobbies related to amateur archaeology: metal detecting and bottle digging.