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Jungle RegionIcon.png
A screenshot of the Jungle
Coordinates X: -600, Z: -800
Access Points Great Bridge: -240, -696
Troms: -749, -919
Suggested Level 55
Quest Starts Jungle Fever
Corrupted Betrayal
The Passage
Lost in the Jungle
Out of my Mind
Lost Royalty
Temple of the Legends
Grand Youth
WynnExcavation Site D
Involved Quests A Hunter's Calling
Type/Biomes Tropical Jungle
Region Capital Troms
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)

The Jungle, is an area in the Wynn Province. It is one of the most dangerous areas in Wynn at level, as large amounts of level 50-70 enemies spawn there, and it may be hard to move and dodge because of the more cramped spaces. There are two settlements in the jungle: the city of Troms and the Iboju Village. Through the Iboju village, you can also access the Dernel Jungle, a higher level and even more mob-filled and cramped section of the jungle scattered with ancient ruins.

In order to access the Jungle, the player must walk through the Great Bridge, which is full of magma slimes and stationary ranged enemies. The only other way to get in would be The Passage, but only citizens of Troms may use it.

Points of interest[]


  • Troms is one of Wynn's two great fortresses, located at the north end of the jungle. The Troms Outskirts surround it.
  • Iboju Village is a jungle tribe. There are many unique merchants and quests there, and even two boss battles.


  • Undergrowth Ruins dungeon is located in Troms outskirts, in the middle of a small lake.
  • Herb Cave is to the west of the jungle entrance of the Great Bridge.
  • Temple of the Legends is in the Troms outskirts, somewhat north-east of Troms' entrance.






Troms Mage

Troms Guard


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Slay Slimes Combat 50 -480, 68, -707 22 Viscous Slime 16200 -
Gather Jungle Logs Woodcutting 53 -571, 62, -738 28 Jungle wood or Jungle paper 6500 8900
Gather Jungle Logs II Woodcutting 58 -685, 58, -884 42 Jungle Wood or 42 Jungle Paper 10080 15000
Gather Piranha Fishing 53 -667, 62, -637 28 Piranha Oil or 28 Piranha Meat 6500 8900
Gather Piranha II Fishing 58 -731, 83, -748 42 Piranha Oil or 42 Piranha Meat 10080 15000