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Jungle Shards

Item Jet, Jade, Pearl, Topaz, Turquoise
Type Misc. Item
Obtain Quest Reward, Killing Suspicious Spots
Usage Charmcrafter Merchant
Tribal Armour Merchant
Tribal Weapon Merchant

Jungle Shards are special drops found in the Dernel Jungle which are used as currency for several merchants.


Jungle Shards can be obtained by killing Suspicious Spots, which spawn in specific locations throughout the Dernel Jungle. Some are also given as a reward for completing the Lost in the Jungle quest.


Jungle Shards can be used to purchase accessories from the Charmcrafter Merchant in the Iboju Village, as well as to purchase Weapons and Armour from the Entamis Village Tribal Armour and Weapon merchants, but only after the quests Lost in the Jungle and Troubled Tribesmen are finished respectively.

Types of Shards[]

  • Jungle Jet Shard

  • Jungle Jade Shard

  • Jungle Pearl Shard

  • Jungle Topaz Shard

  • Jungle Turquoise Shard