NPC Info
X: -692 Z: -975
Location Temple of the Legends
Quest Involved Temple of the Legends

Kelight is a NPC that stands in front of the Temple of the Legends and is the quest giver for the first end game quest, Temple of the Legends. He won't let you enter the temple until you have completed his quest, and is quite egotistical. He is described by Rayshyroth as being "snooty", as he treats the player as inferior to himself.


Temple of the Legends
-692, 63, -975
Wynncraft Map

Kelight is located right outside the entrance to the Temple of the Legends, with the rest of the guards protecting the temple from intruders.

Festival of the Blizzard

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Kelight (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 517 Z: -1621
Location Detlas

In Troms

Temple of the Legends
-692, 63, -975
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Kelight: Erm, yes. Welcome back to the illustrious Temple of the Legends, hopeful Wynn soldier.
  • Further conversation with Kelight:
    • [1] "I'd hoped to invite you to the festival in Detlas.":
      • Kelight: Ah, yes. The Festival of the Blizzard, if I recall correctly. However, I'm a touch busy.
      • Kelight: As you know, I am the premier guard of this Temple! It is a station of intense vigilance.
      • Kelight: However...twice you have done the impossible. Bringing a fragment of Bob's own soul, defeating the Corrupter of Worlds.
      • Kelight: So! Care to make a bet? Let's just see if you can manage it thrice. Do so, and I'll find some time somewhere.
      • Kelight: Bring proof to me that you can defeat our Temple's Grand Magus! The altar is at the back of the Temple.
    • [2] "I'm curious what makes this temple so legendary.":
      • Kelight: ...hah. Perhaps I was too hard on you, Wynn soldier! You ask a fine question, and to the finest guard!
      • Kelight: Yes, this Temple of the Legends- it is something of a hall of fame, in addition to being a grand library.
      • Kelight: One purpose came before the other- the Iboju tribesfolk hold the original library. Many a time we have traded for the knowledge held within their tomes.
      • Kelight: Then heroes such as Tisaun and Bob emerged, and the Tromsian royalty saw fit to ensure the knowledge of their deeds was kept for all time.
      • Kelight: It became equal parts a grand library hall and rite of passage for all Wynnic heroes, myself included. I may be a villager, yes, but I was born in this jungle, you see.
      • Kelight: All true heroes who prove themselves- as you have against the Corrupter of Worlds- have their names inscribed in the Temple for posterity.
      • Kelight: Though you have not yet reached my status yet, and it is doubtful any will, you ought feel proud of your achievement. You are, quite literally, a part of history now.
    • [3] "Good day to you.":
      • Kelight: Indeed. See to it that your actions reflect well on our mighty establishment!
  • Giving Kelight 1 Pearlescent Jewel:
    • Kelight: ...why am I surprised at this point that you are able to do the impossible with such regularity?
    • Kelight: Can't be helped. For all my greatness, gambling is the great equalizer. Skill plays no factor in it.
    • Kelight: Fine! You will see me at the Festival of the Blizzard. The folks over at Detlas ought to feel honored of it.

In Detlas

517, 67, -1621
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Kelight in Detlas:
    • Kelight: Interesting to see how the Craftmas traditions have developed here. Normally the festivities are held in the perpetually icy area of the Ice Canyon.
    • Kelight: As a matter of fact, the snowstorm that brought all this... Detlas' fields may be colder in the winter months, but scarcely cold enough for snow at this accumulation.
    • Kelight: Between the searing heat from the Roots and the proximity to the savannah, it's rather unnatural I must admit. Harmless, at least...
    • Kelight: Ah, but that's my guardsman's instincts talking. It's in the festive spirit, anyways. I can appreciate a bit of chill, after living in the heat of the jungle for so long.
  • Further conversation with Kelight:
    • Kelight: Yes, I think this makes for a fine vacation. I take it you have been enjoying the festivities yourself.
    • Kelight: You seem eager to chat. Anything interesting, or is this merely a courtesy call?
    • [1] "Is Santa a legend?":
      • Kelight: Ugh. I disagree vehemently with this classification! But...yes. By technicality, Santa Claus is a Legend. Him and his whole cadre of lookalikes, too.
      • Kelight: Due to the longstanding rumors of jolly old Saint Nicholas and his... *sigh* ...magical reindeer...the stories of Santa Claus count as a myth, even if a household one.
      • Kelight: And then there were SIGHTINGS. And I thought for sure that disproving his mythicality would remove that classification. But one of the Legend Keepers raised such a ruckus.
      • Kelight: He claimed that the whole collection of Santa Clauses had such immense magical power to do what they did every Craftmas. Have you ever been filibustered on a child's storybook tale?
      • Kelight: After, and I exaggerate not a single bit, 52 hours straight of talking without a single break for anything- drink, food, bathroom breaks, mustache waxing, none of that- Santa was inducted as a living Legend.
      • Kelight: To this day long discussions over the minutia of anything make me die inside. Just a little bit at a time.
    • [2] "Have you fought in any battles?":
      • Kelight: Have I fought in any battles. Hah! And they say there are no stupid questions! As the head guard of the Temple of the Legends, of course I have fought!
      • Kelight: Many a battle, as a matter of fact, to defend both the fortress of Troms and our mighty Temple. I believe the greatest one, however...was against that foul corrupted beast you slayed.
      • Kelight: Yes- that corrupted cave was not always so heavily guarded. I always told them that the Twain magic may not hold forever, but I was not listened to.
      • Kelight: One day, the Corrupter of Worlds attempted to emerge from his cave! I and a cohort of other guards fought it back while the court mages reinforced the magical barrier keeping it sealed.
      • Kelight: I have a collection of scars from that battle- it was hard-fought. Many a life was lost that day, but I fought the beast to its knees to ensure the safety of my comrades and the province!
      • Kelight: Its intense regenerative properties ensured it was not down for long... But it was long enough for the barrier to be re-sealed.
      • Kelight: That you slew it properly... I will give you that it was impressive. It will regenerate eventually, but hopefully not for a long, long time.
    • [3] "Tell me a legend I wouldn't have heard of.":
      • Kelight: Is that a challenge?
      • Kelight: Then how about the Legend of Leviathan?
      • Kelight: Aha! I see confusion in your eyes. Allow me to tell the tale then.
      • Kelight: Certainly you are aware that the great Ocean separating our provinces was once in a state of permanent turmoil. Even on clear days, the seas churned and raged as though by invisible storms.
      • Kelight: There is evidence from divers suggesting that below the seafloor, the ocean continues down...for how deep, none know. And the same divers have reason to believe that massive sea serpents exist below the waves.
      • Kelight: It is thusly theorized that the mages who calmed the ocean did not force the waves to cease with water magic- but instead put to sleep the gargantuan serpents that lay beneath the sandy shelves.
      • Kelight: Of course, there are some points against this theory- the existence of the "Waves Raisers" says that the ocean was created by a cult of warlocks ages ago. However, information exists to disprove that as well!
      • Kelight: All in all, a fascinating tale. The ocean's mysteries elude us, and so we cannot help but wonder. But a single oceanic scale, the size of a fountain... It presents a convincing argument for the existence of Leviathans.
    • [4] "Are the books stored in the Temple available to anyone?":
      • Kelight: Ah, yes. With the Temple being both private and a repository of information, it's natural to ask such a question.
      • Kelight: Entry is forbidden to the general public without rigorous tests of entry, as you know. However, the Legend Keepers are effectively traveling librarians.
      • Kelight: They keep stock of the tomes and books we have on hand, and lend them out for a time on a request system while on the hunt for myths or rumors to write down.
      • Kelight: There have been mishaps where the same book has been ordered by multiple people in multiple towns...but the Temple pays great sums for scribes or monks to copy those books.
      • Kelight: I've heard talk of using a printing press, but there's something to be said for the painstaking process of penning and copying books by hand. Less efficient, but so much more stylish, wouldn't you agree?
    • [5] "How are you getting along with General Graken there?": [1]
      • Kelight: You have done the impossible three times now. Please do it a fourth and get this man away from me.
      • Kelight: I cannot understand a single word he says but he insists on striking up conversation.
      • Kelight: My knowledge is as deep as the legends stored within our tomes but even I do not know what a "chockablock ren-fest" is.
      • Kelight: He will not elaborate. He will not explain. He will not stop talking. He is ruining this vacation.
      • Kelight: Do something. I...I beg of you.
    • [6] "Yes, just visiting.":
      • Kelight: Indeed. Do take care to stay warm out there. I am used to the jungle's heat, so while the chill is appreciated it becomes a bit much at times.
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • "Are you participating in the gift-giving?"
      • Kelight: Well, it is tradition, and far be it from me to deny tradition as such.
      • Kelight: As a matter of fact, I've the perfect gift for someone like you. After all, there is almost room for improvement.
      • Kelight: So take this, and heed its advice closely! Surely it will bring you to new heights of greatness- No need to thank me.
      • Kelight: After all, a status as lofty as mine is not won merely by birth circumstances. I worked to get to such heights!
      • [+1 Manual of the Legends]


  • There is a Rare wand called "Kelight's Toothbrush".
  • There is a Legendary pair of leggings called "Kelight's Shield". The item lore suggests that he is the strongest guard for the Temple.
  • This option is available once General Graken has been invited to Detlas.
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