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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.14.1 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Key Merchant
Type Dungeon Key Merchant
Location Wynn Province
Total 6 Merchants
Variations 6 Variations

There were a number of Key Merchants located around Wynn, each selling a Dungeon Key used to enter their corresponding dungeons.


The skeleton key would give access to the Skeleton Dungeon, the Spider Key gave access to the Spider Dungeon, and so on. Beating each dungeon would give the player the key to the next one, and the Silverfish Dungeon would give you the key to the Skeleton Dungeon, to start them all again. It was possible to skip the Skeleton Dungeon by purchasing the key for the Spider Dungeon. These were replaced with the Key Guardians in the 1.14.1 update.


The table below lists the locations of all the Key Merchants, the key that they sold and for what price they sold the keys.

Key Merchant Location Sells Cost
 Location   North of Ragni   X   -889  Y     Z   -1793  Wynncraft Map 
The Key Merchant is at a yellow market stall outside the North Gate of Ragni.
Skeleton Key 20 Emeralds
 Location   Emerald Trail   X   -460  Y     Z   -1607  Wynncraft Map 
The Key Merchant is in a building on the Emerald Trail, not far from the entrance to Nivla Woods.
Skeleton Key 20 Emeralds
 Location   Nivla Village   X   -241  Y     Z   -1407  Wynncraft Map 

The Key Merchant lives up a tree on the east side of Nivla Village. His tree has a sign at the bottom, so is easy to find. Not at LOCATION

Spider Key 40 Emeralds
 Location   Elkurn Fields   X   -236  Y     Z   -1185  Wynncraft Map 
The Key Merchant isn't very far from the Animal Dungeon, directly north of the centre of the bridge, next to a large house.
Animal Key 1 Emerald Block
NPC Key Merchant Zombie.png
 Location   Saint's Row   X   352  Y     Z   -2071  Wynncraft Map 
The Key Merchant is in the north-east corner of the graveyard at Saint's Row.
Zombie Key 2 Emerald Blocks
NPC Key Merchant Silverfish.png
 Location   WynnExcavation Site A   X   1210  Y     Z   -1741  Wynncraft Map 
The Key Merchant is south-east from Almuj, in and to the right of the WynnExcavation Mine.
Silverfish Key 4 Emerald Blocks