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King's Son
NPC King's Son.png
NPC Info
X: -790 Z: -732
Location Jungle
Quest Involved Lost Royalty

The King's Son (or Sain) is an unwilling prince, who is tired of being expected to complete his royal duties. Following his kidnapping by mercenaries, he has chosen to become a mercenary instead.


-790, -732
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The King's Son can be found in the jail cell within the Mercenary Cave in the Jungle near Troms.


Festival of the Heroes[]

This dialogue pertains to the Festival of the Heroes.

Before Lost Royalty[]

First Dialogue:

  • Prince of Troms: Good day to you, Ragni soldier. I am the crown prince of Troms, Prince Sain.
  • Prince Sain: Are you here to see the festival too? I'm super exci- Er, I mean... I'm excited to see the Storyteller's shows.
  • Prince Sain: The...um... preparations are exquisite. I am honored to be here today, and I bid you good day.
  • Prince Sain: ...grumble, grumble... why'd I gotta act so stuffy to everyone...

Following Conversations:

  • Prince Sain: Good day to you, again. I could spare a moment to talk, if you would like.
  • [1] "How is life as a prince?"
    • Prince Sain: Ugh, it's the wor- Er. I mean... It is...um. Very luxurious.
    • Prince Sain: My needs are well cared for, and I am being taught to succeed the king.
    • Prince Sain: The castle is...is VERY spacious, and I do not want for a life outside often.
    • Prince Sain: This festival is one of my few escapes, and I am grateful for being allowed to come.
  • [2] "Do you enjoy sweets?"
    • Prince Sain: Do I?! I- Um. As resplendent as the royal life is, I have been taught often that of the importance of a healthy diet.
    • Prince Sain: Full of... Vegetables. And...water. They're disgus- Er, I mean, they help with my focus.
    • Prince Sain: Occasionally, however, Yavlis allows me to indulge in...sweeter things, and I do enjoy them greatly.
  • [3] "Good day to you, prince."
    • Prince Sain: Oh. Then...um...good...good day?

After Lost Royalty[]

First Dialogue:

  • Prince of Troms: It's been a little while since we saw each other! Mercenary training is awesome!!
  • Prince of Troms: And this festival is super exciting, too- Thank you so much for telling Yavlis to let me go.
  • Prince of Troms: By the way, my name is Sain! I hope I'll see you around the festival!

Following Conversations:

  • Sain: Hey again! Isn't this festival just the coolest?!
  • [1] "So how is the mercenary life treating you?"
    • Sain: I never thought my stupid fencing training would come in handy. Tisaun used spears, not swords, anyways!
    • Sain: Training is tough, and some mercenaries are mean sometimes, but I know it's just to toughen me up.
    • Sain: Plus we get to eat meat, and vegetables that actually taste GOOD! I never thought I would taste a veggie I liked!
    • Sain: The castle cooking is horrible. I hope Yavlis isn't still having to put up with that.
    • Sain: ...you know, I do sort of miss Yavlis, even if he tried to correct how I've acted so often. But once I'm fully trained, I can visit him when I want!
    • Sain: I just have to be brave and patient. I wonder if he'll be proud of me?
  • [2] "Do you enjoy sweets?"
    • Sain: Boy do I! Franza came here with a lot of spending money, so I have been able to eat as many sweets as I want!
    • Sain: Except, I did that yesterday, and got a really bad bellyache from all the sugar.
    • Sain: Franza told me the best way to learn lessons is to make mistakes for yourself, and I guess I learned that.
    • Sain: Well...except in battle, that's an important point. You make mistakes in battle and you just die, I think?
  • [3] "Have you learned anything new about Tisaun?"
    • Sain: A little bit, actually! I never knew Tisaun had to fight because an army abandoned a city!
    • Sain: The teachers never told me about Skien... What a jerk he must have been deserting everyone like that!
    • Sain: And just because he thought villagers looked funny, or something! I guess it might have been because they were magic too, but what does that matter?
    • Sain: I mean, sure it must have been embarrassing at the time for the royalty, but never talking about it...
    • Sain: It feels like they're setting themselves up to have something like it happen again, if they just try and ignore what happened.
    • Sain: But then we'll step in as guildsmen and be heroes too! So maybe they should stick their heads in the sand, maybe!
  • [4] "It absolutely is the coolest."
    • Sain: I KNOW, RIGHT?!