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Kingdom of Sand
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Sand-Swept Tomb
Province Wynn
Combat Level 33
Starter NPC Lanu
Reward As follows:

Kingdom of Sand is a long level 33 quest which provides the player with access to the Sand-Swept Tomb Dungeon.


Lanu is not able to break the barriers that protect the Sand-Swept Tomb Dungeon without a special sceptre, which once belonged to the Emperor of the desert. She asks the player to search for the sceptre by infiltrating the bandits nearby.

Stage 1[]

» Find out what's going on at the Sand-Swept Tomb at [1408, 94, -1830]

  • Seems like something is going on at the tomb.


  • ???: Hmm.. No dice. Let me try another.
  • ???: [Translated from Wynnic] By scorching heat and shifting sand, break the barrier that seals this land!
  • ???: Ugh. I guess the legend is true about the sceptre.
  • Maybe you can find out more by talking to her?


  • Lanu: Ah, a Ragni Soldier. I didn't think you had much to do out here in the desert?
  • Lanu: I'm out here trying to get into the emperor's tomb. Although I'm realising I can't without his sceptre.
  • Lanu: Way before the portal came about, there was a massive empire laid across this land.
  • Lanu: A powerful emperor ruled with a mystical weapon. When he died, the empire fell beneath the sand.
  • Lanu: Untold treasures are inside the emperor's tomb. But without his weapon, there is no hope of entering.
  • Lanu: It's long been rumoured that bandits have the sceptre. They probably have no idea what it is.
  • Lanu: If you could get it, we could enter the dungeon and seek out the emperor for ourselves. The bandit's base is at the start of the mesa, up the hill.

Stage 2[]

» Attempt to enter the outlaw's hideout.

Outlaw's Hideout
1314, 90, -1660
Wynncraft Map


  • Vault Guard: What, wanna enter the hideout?
  • Vault Guard: Even if yer a crooked soldier, we can't jus let yer in.
  • Vault Guard: That is, unless yer got the password?
  • Vault Guard: Didn’t think so. Now get lost, wasted enough of my t-
  • Tarek: Now would you look at that... Even soldiers think they can waltz in ere.
  • Geo: Having fun thinking of a password? Sorry to spoil your lunch, but there isn’t one!
  • Geo: We could use a few more officials on the roster.
  • Tarek: If yer are on the liberal side of the law, talk to us outside.

Stage 3[]

» Meet with Geo & Tarek at the exit.



  • Tarek: Looks like yer in. Look, there ain't a password cause we're meant to be the best thieves in the land, right?
  • Tarek: So what good are words? Yer gotta give the guard somethin' stolen, aintcha!
  • Geo: And we just so happen to have the opportunity of a lifetime for you. Rymek has gone soft see, a new Mayor is cleaning things up.
  • Tarek: Well, we can't have government not under our control. Rymek will always be bandit capital.
  • Geo: So how about we give him a taste of his own medicine, and get hold of that journal he keeps? I'm sure that’ll dig up some dirt on him.
  • Tarek: And by "we", we mean you. You'll have to sneak through the mansion and avoid guards.
  • Tarek: He keeps his journal in the highest room. Might need to distract some guards too. It's the biggest mansion in Rymek, can't miss it.

Stage 4[]

» Sneak into the highest room of the Rymek mansion.

Rymek Mansion
1180, 31, -1300
Wynncraft Map
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
MansionGuard.png Mansion Guard 36 Invulnerable None AI - - - Rymek Mansion
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the path through the mansion.

If you get too close to a guard, they will stun you and return you to the start.

Guards can be distracted with marked activites; they will move away and allow you to pass their original location.

  • Go up the small parkour to the right, enter through the door.
  • Turn right and go downstairs, fight the guard dog.
  • Use the small pathway to the left to smash the cake, then quickly return and continue upstairs.
  • Enter the small tunnel next to the closed mansion door, rip the carpet to distract the guard.
  • Go all the way upstairs, then push the crates. Jump down, and use the parkour to the left.
  • Smash the window and turn left, go up the stairway.
  • Take the pathway to the right, throw potatoes and return.
  • Pass through the door and go upstairs once more.
  • Take the journal and leave the mansion by breaking & climbing through the furnace.
  • Looks like this is the room the journal is kept in...

After taking the journal, you will have to quickly avoid the guards in the room and break the furnace to escape.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
MansionGuard.png Mansion Guard 36 400 Melee AI - - - Rymek Mansion
Journal Room

Talk to Geo and Tarek outside the mansion.



  • Tarek: Yer know you could get kicked out of the army fer this.
  • Tarek: Heh, guess yer the real thing. Hop in, lets get out of ‘ere.
  • Tarek: That journal is more valuable than any gem, you'll be able to get in fer sure.

Enter the cart.

  • Tarek: Off we go!

Stage 5[]

» Talk to the Vault Guard to enter the hideout.

Outlaw's Hideout
1314, 90, -1660
Wynncraft Map


  • Vault Guard: Password?
  • Vault Guard: Oh, this is quite the password, Ragni man. I think this will do nicely, on you go.

Stage 6[]

» Enter the hideout and search for the sceptre.

  • Seems like there's a discussion going on...


  • Bandit Boss: There was another mage at the ancient tomb today boys.
  • Bandit: Well she ain’t got the sceptre does she? She can’t do much harm. Wait why dun we use the sceptre boss?
  • Bandit Boss: Because the Creden Tibus is more than just a group of criminals. We are honour bound to protect these sands.
  • Bandit Boss: The empire that fell beneath these sands could be revived if that sceptre made it back to the emperor.
  • Bandit: Good job no one will think of searching that broken cart near the river ey boss?
  • Bandit Boss: Silence you fool. Didn’t I just say it was imperative no one found the sceptre?
  • Bandit Boss: Right, go steal some things or something, I have real work to do.
  • Seems like the cart that was talked of might be worth a look...

Stage 7[]

» Search the broken cart.

1183, 76, -1857
Wynncraft Map


  • Bandit Leader: I knew someone was listening.
  • Bandit Leader: We might be bandits, but we’re not stupid. That sceptre is left better off alone.
  • Desert Raider: Seize ‘em!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BanditBoss(Boss).png Bandit Leader 30 1200 Melee AI Multihit -
Scrawled Note
Outside Cart
DesertRaider.png Desert Raider 30 650 Melee AI Charge - - Outside Cart
  • Seems like that note might give you a clue...

Stage 8[]

» Get the sceptre from the abandoned house.

Abandoned House
1220, 77, -1873
Wynncraft Map
  • You should probably return to the tomb now.

Stage 9[]

» Return to the tomb and hand the sceptre to Lanu.

Sand-Swept Tomb
1409, 94, -1830
Wynncraft Map


  • Lanu: You actually got it! I knew I could count on you. Lets try this!
  • Lanu: Huh? We got no time for superstition, we need to break that seal.
  • Lanu: Seems like something's happening!
  • Lanu: We did it! Who would've thought that it was that ea-

A Fallen Soldier will appear from the tomb and attack Lanu, but she will quickly defeat it.

  • Lanu: What the hell was that...!
  • Lanu: That shouldn't have happened, I... I don't understand.
  • Lanu: The legend says that the emperor was immortal. I thought this would work.
  • Lanu: Unless.. He cursed himself. There has to be more to this story.
  • Lanu: Perhaps we will never know the full story.. well not unless we unearth the desert itself.
  • Lanu: I'm sure the tale will be discovered in time.
  • Lanu: Well, maybe we'll see each other again, but I must go now. Here, take this as a token of my gratitude.


  • The NPC Lanu is an anagram of Luna, a pseudoname of AscendedKitten, a former Wynncraft game master.
  • The spell Lanu uses to break the tomb's seal is written in Wynnic and translates into: "By scorching heat and shifting sand, break the barrier that seals this land!"
  • There is a bug where when you enter the journal room, you fall out of the map. To avoid it, after going upstairs one last time, hop towards the room until it teleports you. If it happens, either use a scroll to teleport yourself out of that situation, or /kill.
  • When a guard finds you, sometimes their dialogue is bugged and once your kicked out, the dialogue keeps repeating. You also repeatedly get kicked out of the mansion.