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NPC Info
X: 1436
Z: -5388
Location Molten Heights
Quest Involved Dwarves and Doguns Part I, Dwarves and Doguns Part II, Dwarves and Doguns Part III, Dwarves and Doguns Part IV

Korzim is an NPC who appears in all four of the Dwarves and Doguns quests, and is the starter NPC for Dwarves and Doguns Part III and Dwarves and Doguns Part IV. He is first introduced to the player during Dwarves and Doguns Part I in the Coalition Base as the banished son of the Dogun Chieftain. He briefly reappears to help evacuate the Doguns from their village in Dwarves and Doguns Part II. He then helps the player learn of and stop the Dogun plan to summon Garaheth throughout Dwarves and Doguns parts III and IV.



Korzim is the son of the Dogun Chieftain. He has lived for at least 900 years, and has seen personally the destruction of the Dwarves and Doguns war and the deaths of many of his people. At some point, Korzim joined the Coalition to try to help create peace between the two peoples, but was banished from the Dogun village for dealing with Dwarves.

Dwarves and Doguns Parts I and II[]

Korzim is introduced as a member of the Coalition and son of the Dogun Chief by Axelus. The Coalition reveals their plan to win over the Doguns with a dragon bone gift, as suggested by Korzim due to its sacred nature. Korzim helps the player navigate the Molten Heights while retrieving the dragon bone and tells the player to bring it to the Dogun village when the Coalition Base is found by Dwarves. After learning that the Dwarves have also found the Dogun village, Korzim breaks into the Dogun meeting room along with Axelus, and helps his people evacuate the village once they manage to convince the Dogun chief to work with the Coalition.

Dwarves and Doguns Parts III and IV[]

Once the player returns from sabotaging the Dwarven armory, Korzim explains that the other Doguns are planning to summon Garaheth, a terrible demon that the Doguns worshipped thousands of years ago, to try to destroy the Dwarves. After determining it is too late to stop the ritual, he puts on a disguise and travels with the player to Maex, where he meets with some Coalition supporters and helps the player gather materials for an Amulet of Fire Resistance and a Staff of True Ice to take down Garaheth. While helping gather true ice, he explains that the Freezing Heights were once a Dogun village attacked by a chained up ice drake, and mentions that he was there when it was attacked 900 years ago. However, once the player has acquired both items for defeating Garaheth, the Maex guard is mobilized for attack and placed on high alert. Korzim tells the player to go find Axelus in Rodoroc, as they will need him and Korzim cannot leave Maex himself while the guard is on high alert. He then reappears at the end of the questline after the player has defeated Garaheth, protesting the Dogun Chief's killing of Axelus.