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NPC Info
X: -675 Z: 15331
Location Wynnter Fair
Quest Involved Avalanche (Wynnter Fair)

Kristoff is an NPC contacted during the Stone Cold mission. The NPC will help you by giving you a spare coat for Olaf.


 Location   Avalanche (Wynnter Fair)   X   -675  Y     Z   15331  Wynncraft Map 

Kristoff is near his house at the center of Lusuco.


During the mission

The first time you meet Kristoff:

  • [1/1] Kristoff: A blanket? Well, I believe I have a spare one. Just inside my house and get it.

After searching for the coat inside the house:

  • [1/1] Kristoff: The blanket isn't there? My dog must've got it! He likes to hide behind my house, you should check there.