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Larbonic Sheddings [✫✫]
Tier 1 Crafting Ingredient
-8% to -6% Earth Defense
+12% to +15% Water Defense
-8% to -6% Air Defense
-70 Durability
Crafting Lv. Min: 103
  • Tailoring

Larbonic Sheddings is a Tier 1 Crafting Ingredient.


Larbonic Sheddings can be obtained by defeating Larbonic Cankers found in the Toxic Wastes. It can also be found in Loot Chests.

The following mobs can drop Larbonic Sheddings:


Larbonic Sheddings can be sold at a Blacksmith or from your Ingredient Pouch in exchange for Emeralds. It can also be traded to other players via the Trade Market or personal trading.


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Larbonic Sheddings can be used in the Tailoring profession to add extra water defense to the crafted armor while lowering its earth and air defense.