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Lava Springs
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Savannah
Province Wynn
Combat Level 18
Starter NPC Colonel Gailard
Reward As follows:

Lava Springs is a medium level 18 quest taking place in the Savannah.


Colonel Gailard needs the player's help to investigate and stop the spread of a strange lava spring that has appeared in the Savannah.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Colonel Gailard at [670, 80, -1755]



  • Colonel Gailard: Oh, good, good! I bet'cha you're a Ragni soldier, aren't ya? Listen up, soldier! I've got a task here that 'ye can help out with.
  • Colonel Gailard: Ya see that lava spring right there? It just went and popped up out of nowhere! The brass is real concerned about it, mhm?
  • Colonel Gailard: They've been yappin' about it bein' related to the Corruption, and 'ye can bet that that means trouble. BAD trouble.
  • Colonel Gailard: Now, this here Savannah has always had some Corruption lurkin' about, but not to the point where it can do this! It won't be safe around here if we don't do somethin' about it!
  • Colonel Gailard: Anyways, high command ain't gonna provide support for this until they know there's actual Corruption, so we've gotta find some evidence around the springs, understand?
  • Colonel Gailard: Take a look around the springs, soldier! Find me some damn evidence around here! [3 Pieces of Evidence] should be enough! Now, get movin'!

Stage 2[]

» Look for three pieces of corrupted evidence around the Lava Spring at [631, 83, -1736]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CorruptedStone.png Corrupted Stone 15 10 Melee AI - -
Corrupted Evidence
Lava Spring
WigglingRock.png Wiggling Rock 15 10 Melee AI - -
Corrupted Evidence
Lava Spring
CorruptedMineral.png Corrupted Mineral 15 10 Melee AI - -
Corrupted Evidence
Lava Spring
  • This should be enough evidence. You should report back to Colonel Gailard.

Stage 3[]

» Go back to Colonel Gailard at [670, 80, -1755]



  • Colonel Gailard: Alright, good! Ya found some evidence, let me take a look at that!
  • Colonel Gailard: Oh... This is bad... very, VERY bad...
  • Colonel Gailard: This here is some physical corruption. If it's gettin' onto the surface, then 'ye can bet one of those weeds is spreadin' underground, right beneath the springs...
  • Colonel Gailard: If ya could get underneath the spring, 'ye could probably sever whatever damn root is causing this, but... the heat would be sure to fry your skin off...
  • Colonel Gailard: Wait... I've got an idea... Alright, listen up soldier! There's a lil' town North of here called Bremminglar, yeah? There's a healer person there that can help us out.
  • Colonel Gailard: They're holed up inside of some important well in the center of town. There's a password ya need to hop into that place, though...
  • Colonel Gailard: Don't have much to go on, but I'm pretty damn sure the password is Bob, or something. After the hero himself.
  • Colonel Gailard: Right, ye're headin' there to find a potion that can keep ya weak little hide safe from the heat, understand? Here, let me write down the location in that book of yours.

Stage 4[]

» Talk to Gregor outside the Bremminglar well at [720, 70, -2098]



  • Gregor: Hey, hey hey hey! Darling, what do you think you're doing? You can't just waltz in here without telling me the password!
  • Gregor: Hmm... Your face... confidence... it gleans with confidence... yet... you still haven't spoken to me since you arrived...
  • Gregor: Could it be... you know that the password is penguin eggs, but you're just too shy to talk? Yeah... yeah, that's gotta be it!
  • Gregor: You've convinced me, little mute darling... You can enter the well. Go on, now!

Stage 5[]

» Enter the Bremminglar well and talk to the healer at [720, 70, -2098]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ToxicBrew.png Toxic Brew 18 380 Melee AI Explosion - - Bremminglar Well
Bremminglar Well
652, 6, -2074
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  • Nami The Healer: G'day to you, friend. How can I help you?
  • Nami The Healer: Hm? The Colonel sent you? what for?
  • Nami The Healer: ...Corrupted... lava springs...? You realize how ridiculous that sounds, yeah? Well, I completely believe you.
  • Nami The Healer: Right, you said lava, sooo... You need a heat resistance potion, yes?
  • Nami The Healer: Welp, you're in luck, kinda... I have a potion that can resist the heat of lava, but the brew will not let you swim in lava.
  • Nami The Healer: Oh that works, you just need to enter a borehole that goes through the lava? Perfect
  • Nami The Healer: Anyways, if you ever need any more special brews, my assistant will be happy to sell some at a very affordable price.
  • Nami The Healer: Now, you have somewhere to be, right? Right. Go and report to the Colonel, soldier. Tell him I said hi, by the way.

Stage 6[]

» Report back to Colonel Gailard at [670, 80, -1755]



  • Colonel Gailard: Report! Ya got the potion yet, soldier? Good, drink it if ya haven't already!
  • Colonel Gailard: Right, that's what I like to hear! Now, LOOK TO THE LEFT SOLDIER! There is a borehole out there we dug to try and hit the source of this weed.
  • Colonel Gailard: We found a pretty damn hot cave lying underneath the surface! If ya jumped into the borehole, 'ye could probably find the source of the Corruption and stop it.
  • Colonel Gailard: Now, the roots and spikes of Corruption are very sturdy, but we ain't never seen something like lava burstin' out of the ground.
  • Colonel Gailard: Had a small chat with the brass, earlier. They got a hunch that there's a heart to the Corruption that's pumpin' out all the lava!
  • Colonel Gailard: That's gotta be our ticket, yeah? If 'ye destroy that, ya should be able to stop the spread of the lava! Now, get movin'! Head into the borehole, soldier!

Stage 7[]

» Drink the Potion of Obsidian Skin, then enter the lava spring through the borehole at [670, 79, -1747] and look for a corrupted heart

  • You can feel your body heat adjusting as the potion courses through your body... it should be safe for you to enter the lava spring.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BasaltBat.png Basalt Bat 18 130 Melee AI - - - Underneath Lava Spring
CellCorrupter.png Cell Corrupter 20 200 Melee AI - ✤ Def - Underneath Lava Spring
CouleeConjurer.png Coulee Conjurer 20 250 Ranged AI - ✽ Weak
✹ Dam
✹ Def
- Underneath Lava Spring
CorruptArtery.png Corrupt Artery 21 250 Melee AI - ✹ Def - Underneath Lava Spring
Room at [530, 7, -1760]
HeartofLava.png Heart of Lava 25 2000 Ranged AI Flamethrower - - Underneath Lava Spring
Room at [545, 7, -1760]

Stage 8[]

» Tell Colonel Gailard at [670, 80, -1755] that you destroyed the heart



  • Colonel Gailard: Hah! I knew ya'd give me results! Ye're pretty damn reliable, soldier! Here, take this for your trouble!


  • The Heart of Lava is one of three mobs to have a dark red name, the others being The Parasite and The Eye.
  • The Obsidian Skin Potion might be a reference to the obsidian skin potion in Terraria, which provides immunity to lava and fire.