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Leadin Orc Fort StructureIcon.png
An overview of the Orc Fortress
Discovery Lore
The largest greenskin base in Gavel, the fortress has been overtaken by Orcs under their leader, Gorgu.
Coordinates X: -1310, Z: -4869
Suggested Level 64
Monsters List of Mobs (Gavel)

The Leadin Orc Fortress is one of the largest known settlements of Orcs and Trolls located in the Pre-Light Forest. It is a noticeable attraction on the Map due to it being founded in front of a large set of mountains in the middle of the area. The stronghold was used for the quest A Fighting Species, in which the Orc Chief Gorgu was found in the fortress, and requires an Orc Mask to enter. The quest was deleted in the 1.20 update, and nowadays Leadin serves no real purpose


  • "Leadin" is a partial anagram of _DeaDline_, a Wynncraft Builder.