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A screenshot of Lexdale
Discovery Lore
This slumlike town has suffered the worst of the Decay's effects over the years, after its residents were forced out of their original homes by an unfortunate event.
Coordinates X: -615, Z: -5435
Suggested Level 70
Involved Quests Lexdale Witch Trials

Lexdale is a small, desolate town located in the Kander Forest. Its only current use is in the quest Lexdale Witch Trials, and as a checkpoint for the quests in the Kander Forest and explorations around that area.


Over two hundred years ago, Lexdale found itself under constant attack by the Gerts, an Orc-like species which lived far from the Orcs' usual home in the Llevigar Plains. When the citizens of Lexdale sent a letter to Cinfras to ask for help, they only received a small platoon of soldiers which was quickly wiped out, as the Gerts kept procreating and overrunning the Villagers' forces. Eventually, the government of Cinfras had had enough of the Gerts and declared war against them, winning the war thanks to an expert strategist named Norler. The Gerts were promptly pushed away from Lexdale and into the Gert Camp.[1]

However, that wasn't the end of Lexdale's problems, as soon after, the Parasite of Darkness burrowed within the ground and created a nest near the city in a decayed stump, giving birth to many Dernmites which spread the Decay around Northern Gavel.[2]

Being the closest city to the Parasite's nest, Lexdale was the most badly hit town in Gavel, the entire environment warping into a husk of its former self. As if that was not enough, the Lexdale Federal Prison nearby started arresting innocent citizens from Gelibord and Lexdale and killing them, as a ploy for Dullahan to obtain more souls to feed himself with.[3]

Lately, out of fear of the Decay and general paranoia, the town has also started persecuting and burning so-called "witches", accused of being responsible for spreading the Decay. However, none of the citizens know the true reason behind this plague's existence.[4]


Lexdale Map Aerial.png

Points of interest[]


  • Amira's house
  • Accessory Merchant's house
  • Stake



The Mayor


Accessory Merchant


  • If you die in some parts of the Realm of Light and other quest-specific areas, you may respawn here.
  • Lexdale used to have a clock in it for the Clock Mystery; prior to 1.20, it was normally one of the first clocks found by players.
  • Lexdale is an anagram of the builder Alexdacube.
  • During Gavel's development, many cities had different names. Lexdale was originally called Subitan, an anagram of the Manager GM-CMD hybrid Tantibus, minus a 'T'.
  • Prior to 1.20, Lexdale had no guard mobs protecting the town, and was thus very unsafe for players to AFK there.