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Lexdale Witch Trials
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Lexdale
Province Gavel
Combat Level 72
Starter NPC The Mayor
Reward As follows:

Access to the Lexdale Merchants

Lexdale Witch Trials is a long level 72 quest centered in Lexdale.


The player stumbles upon a witch trial that is taking place in Lexdale and becomes involved in investigating the truth of the allegations against the supposed witch, Amira.

Stage 1[]

» See what's going on in the center of Lexdale at [-605, 45, -5444].

-605, 45, -5444
Wynncraft Map


  • The Mayor: We have an enemy amongst our own in Lexdale! This witch's illegal practice of magic threatens us!
  • The Mayor: Ms. Amira's home was found to be plagued by spreading Decay! We must kill the witch to protect our sanctity!
  • Amira: WAIT! Let me GO already! I told you what was happening!
  • The Mayor: The deceit of your dark magic won't work, Ms. Amira. Go quietly- leave us in peace!
  • Amira: SHUT UP ALREADY! You can't just single people out like this!!
  • Amira: Just hear me out for a second! It's not me, something infected my home! That's the reason it was so dark!!
  • Amira: My basement, some outlandish thing dug into it! Wherever it went, the area withered and decayed!
  • Amira: There's proof in my house that it wasn't me! It's the one that's decayed and barren! You'll see if you LOOK, you gorehound!!
  • The Mayor: Quit with the insults! We'll delay for now- If there's no proof of the witch's innocence she will be executed!

Stage 2[]

» Explore the basement of the decayed and barren house.

-588, 62, -5465
Wynncraft Map

Stage 3[]

» Follow the creature down the tunnels.


  • Don't let the creature get away!

Stage 4[]

» Continue to follow the creature from the tunnel at [-498, 49, -5405].

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Bush Lurker 70 2845 Melee - ✦ Def - Kander Forest tunnels

Stage 5[]

» Continue to follow the creature from the tunnel at [-505, 50, -5500].


  • Tunnel Dweller Chieftain: ...Further... intruders...? You are not of the worms... the parasites?
  • Tunnel Dweller Chieftain: Another stranger... You must have witnessed the tunnels. They blight the stone, wither the roots, make lifeless the land...
  • Tunnel Dweller Chieftain: And here, we starve in isolation. My people are lost, as the very earth itself warps and shifts.
  • Tunnel Dweller Chieftain: The water, stagnant and gray. Nothing but those horrid magic scourges, and the worms themselves to sustain ourselves.
  • Tunnel Dweller Chieftain: We cannot escape, for the sun scourges us. There is no place to go, no place to burrow that they do not wait.
  • Tunnel Dweller Chieftain: You... You... You have life. You have a heart, and muscle, and meat... To survive till this torture ends...
  • Tunnel Dweller Chieftain: Stranger, you must perish.

Stage 6[]

» Defeat the Tunnel Dweller Chieftain.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Tunnel Dweller Warrior 70 3560 Melee ? - - Kander Forest tunnels
Decayed Tunnel Dweller 72 3075 Burst Ranged Blindness Immunity ✦ Def
✽ Weak
- Kander Forest tunnels
Elite Tunnel Dweller 74 ? Melee ? ✤ Def - Kander Forest tunnels
Tunnel Dweller Chieftain 75 125000 Melee Blindness Immunity
Knockback Immunity
Slowness Immunity
Heavy Charge
✤ Def
✽ Weak
- Kander Forest tunnels


  • Tunnel Dweller Chieftain: Wait... These earthquakes! IT'S THEM! AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Stage 7[]

» Dig yourself out of the dirt. Then go after the creature.


  • It seems like the creature was knocked out. Now is the time to catch it! The cage seems like a good place to keep it.

Stage 8[]

» Return to Lexdale and try to show the mayor the creature at [-604, 45, -5444].


  • Something feels off...
  • The creature is out of control!
  • It seemed like the creature calmed down... You should show the mayor to free Amira.


  • The Mayor: You're back. Did- Wait, what in the nine hells is THAT?!
  • Amira: That! That was the thing in my basement!! I knew that human could find it! Thank you!!
  • Amira: That thing was spreading the decay through my house! It's NOT witches or magic like you suddenly DECIDED one day!!
  • The Mayor: ...Fine then. This... creature... bug... leach? This whatever- it- is... I'll accept your explanation.
  • The Mayor: Step off the podium, Ms. Amira. You're innocent.
  • Amira: Gah, finally! You're seeing sense! It's almost like something just... took you over one day and never left 'til now!
  • The Mayor: ...hm. That... Mmh. Regardless. Human, you've proven yourself to be trustworthy. We'll keep our doors open for you.
  • The Mayor: As for the... THING... Well... I'll be sure to inform the Gavel government.


  • During Stage 4, for the vine swinging parkours, if you fall enough times, the game will teleport you to the end of the parkour.