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Library of Flames StructureIcon.png
Coordinates X: 1024, Z: -5050
Involved Quests Dwarves and Doguns Part I


The Library of Flames is a sealed off section in Rodoroc, with a closed door south of the bank. To get in, the player must use the cannon in the cave to blow open the closed library door. Then, they must defeat the four ancient heroes of Rodoroc to enter the actual library section.

Dwarves and Doguns Part I[]

The player is directed to seek the truth in the library by Axelus during Dwarves and Doguns Part I. Inside the library is an old book detailing the Dwarven propaganda effort against the Doguns, known as "Operation Shadow". It describes how the Doguns once occupied the vast majority of the Molten Heights, with a population in the thousands, and had powerful fire magic and "near Dwarven intelligence". The Dwarves realized that they would have to clear out the Doguns if they were going to be able to properly colonize the Heights for mining, so they started a propaganda campaign against the Doguns, profiling them as evil and labelling them as demons, before declaring war and driving the Doguns nearly to extinction, allowing the Dwarves to fully take control of the area. When the player leaves, Axelus explains that, while the Dwarves of old were tyrants and conquerors, the people now are good, but have been brainwashed into evil actions.

Operation Shadow Contents[]

The following is an abridged version, as read by the player, of the old book in the library.
"Top Secret"
"Operation shadow"
"The natives occupy 90% of the habitable land in the heights.."
".. Magical powerhouses of the fire element.."
".. Live well into their thousands.."
"Near Dwarven intelligence.."
"Clearance is needed if Dwarves are going to form a colony.."
"Public opinion is firmly against removal of the natives.."
"Any war could result in rioting in Thanos and other established colonies."
"A program of public profiling of the natives is recommended.."
".. recommend they are referred to as demons, as inherent fear will take hold.."
"Once public opinion is sufficiently hostile, establishment of colonies will be achievable.."