Light Portal

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Light Portal SiteIcon.png
Light Realm Portal.png
A screenshot of the Portal
Discovery Lore
The light has hidden this secret beneath the forest to those who cannot "see". It is a gateway to a world beyond imagination.
Coordinates X: -1052, Z: -4290
Suggested Level 70
Involved Quests The Realm of Light
Monsters None
Uses Quest
Other Information
Clearsight Spectacles are required to enter

Like the Nether Portal in the Wynn Province, the Light Portal (aka "Light's Secret") is a gateway in Gavel which leads to a realm of its own: The Realm of Light. Located beneath the Light Realm Arch in the Light Forest, the Light Portal is of a warm shade of green in a calm, light-filled cave which is suitable for the realm it's destined to. Upon entering the cave of the Light Portal for the first time, players complete the quest Finding The Light. It is also worth mentioning that Clearsight Spectacles are required to see and access the portal. When entering the portal, players are dropped off right next to Aluxander in the Realm of Light. Currently, no mobs inhabit the cave of the portal.