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Llevigar Plains RegionIcon.png
A glimpse of the Plains from Llevigar
Coordinates X: -1800, Z: -4800
Access Points Olux Swamp to the north
Pre-Light Forest to the east, bridge across River Sage at X: -1448, Z: -4725
Suggested Level 40
Quest Starts Heart of Llevigar
Clearing the Camps
An Iron Heart Part I
Star Thief
Blazing Retribution
Rise of the Quartron
Involved Quests Pirate's Trove
Type/Biomes Plains
Region Capital Llevigar
Monsters List of Mobs (Gavel)

Llevigar Plains is the large expanse in which players first venture into upon entering the Gavel Province dotted with orc camps. Its capital is the high and imperial quartz city of Llevigar. The city is accompanied by the small farming and fishing bridge town of Bucie on the River Sage, which runs through the eastern edge of the plains. In the southeast, lies the Karoc Quarry. It is a large mine, where the quartz used all around the province is mined. The plains clearly have an extensive history, as multiple mysterious ruins are found beneath the region. Containing several quests, the plains are a key area for many level 40 players.

Points of interest[]


  • Llevigar - This mighty quartz city, the first of the Gavel Province, is located in the southwest corner of the Plains. Being immensely affluent, the city's high authorities hold supremacy over the region and the affairs of the Orcs.
  • Bucie - Being one of the most unique settlements in Gavel, this fishing town on River Sage is a bridge with some houses around it. It houses the only Horse Merchant in Gavel, along with some other basic amenities.


  • Karoc Quarry - A massive quartz mining operation located south in the Plains, just east of Llevigar. The large quarries and minecart tracks supply Llevigar the white stone that is the source of its wealth, however plans to use the ores for more dubious purposes are under wraps (as explored in Rise of the Quartron).
  • River Sage - A wide river running along the eastern edge of the plains. Many fishermen live on the river, though some of the water has been recently polluted by the Decay.


Captain Kymer


Detective Jackson



Manager Nasea



Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Slay Orcs Combat 45 -2006, 33, -4655 16 Orc Eyes 13440 -
Gather Hops II Farming 48 -1793, 54, -4938 36 Hops String or 36 Hops Grains 4000 6000



  • Llevigar Plains has the same biome type as the Gylia Plains.
  • Llevigar Plains is a useful leveling spot for new people to Gavel.