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Llevigar Power Plant StructureIcon.png
HoL Plant Intro.png
The central room of the Power Plant
Coordinates X: -1997, Z: -4508
Suggested Level 41
Involved Quests Heart of Llevigar
Monsters Bugs : Level 42
Battle 15
Puzzle 75
Parkour 10
Uses Quest
Requirements started Heart of Llevigar

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.


The Llevigar Power Plant, unlocked and visited during the Heart of Llevigar quest at level 41, is a dungeon-like series of rooms and puzzles buried underneath the city of Llevigar. It is connected to the ancient and disused sewers, and has not been tended to in centuries; powered by ancient magical technology long forgotten, the workings of the plant are a complete mystery to modern engineers. During the quest, the Power Plant must be navigated in order to reset the failing electrical systems, and stop a meltdown that could destroy Llevigar.

The Power Plant is also known as the "Heart of Llevigar", which is where the associated quest got its name.


Entering the Plant[]

Zenam, in his laboratory, tells the player how to enter the Power Plant after they start the quest. There is a small structure directly across from the bank on the highest tier of Llevigar; when pressing the button, a hole will open in the ground that leads down into the sewers beneath the city. There is a small, dark segment of sewers, before the player enters the Power Plant proper, and the first room. There is an exit from the area on the opposite end of the sewers, which leads upwards to Zenam's lab.

The First Room[]

The first room is a large, tall rectangle, with a large pillar in the centre covered in various contraptions, pipes and other machinery. The Head Engineer is found in this room, and describes how the plant has begun to fail; he says that one of the many small, human-sized pipes throughout the room will lead deeper into the machinery. Each gateway acts as a portal, and leads to another gateway somewhere in the room; however, this connection is one-way, and going back through a gateway will lead to a different one than that which lead you to it in the first place. The correct gateway is found underneath the spiral staircase leading to the room of the central pillar. After passing through it, you will find yourself in a narrow pipe; continue to the end of the pipe and drop down to enter the next room.

The Second Room[]

The second room is another puzzle, though it is more straightforward than the last. A pattern is shown on the ground, and must be matched by a similar diagram on the wall; the pattern on the wall can be shifted by the use of four coloured buttons nearby. Each button corresponds to the edge of the wall diagram of the same colour. When a button is pressed, the corresponding edge will either push or pull a single block, depending on where the empty space is currently on the diagram. Once the puzzle is solved and both diagrams match, the "Confirm" can be pressed; a hole will open in the floor at the other end of the room, leading into the next room.

The Third Room[]

The next section is part battle, and part parkour. Plays must navigate through a ruined tunnel filled with hostile level 42 Bugs, climbing over and under debris and following the signs to reach the other side of the room. An exposed pipe juts from the wall on this side, and a fire pit must be jumped over in order to reach it and enter the next room.

The Fourth Room[]

The fourth room in the Power Plant is dominated by a large square chamber, surrounded by glass and labelled as high voltage. In this room is an invisible maze, which must be navigated to reach the beam at the centre of the room. Four differently-coloured paths of electricity snake along the ceiling of the maze; since it is nearly impossible to get through normally, players must follow one of these electrical paths (specifically, the yellow one). After reaching the centre of the maze, jump down the hole to go back to the first room of the Power Plant; from the small pipe you end up in, climb out and jump down into the water below. The Head Engineer says that the innermost segment of the plant can be accessed through the strange, buzzing door on the roof of the central pillar, up the nearby spiral staircase. Going through this doorway transports players to the fifth room of the plant.

The Fifth Room[]

The fifth and final room is another puzzle, which must be completed to gain access to the Big Red Button on the other side of the locked door. The floor of this room is mostly covered by an array of buttons, interspersed with pairs of coloured clay blocks in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, brown and white. Along the walls of the room are a reset button, a confirm button, and eight coloured buttons corresponding to the pairs of blocks on the grid. The goal of the puzzle is to link up each pair of blocks with the corresponding colour; the buttons on the wall can be pressed to change the colour that is being used. The solution to the puzzle can be found in the gallery. Once the puzzle is solved and every pair is linked, a door opens on the other end of the room. Through here is a pit, containing the Power Plant's reset button; it can be jumped on in order to press it, and you can return to the first room by leaving through one of the dark doorways around the button.