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Loot Crates are an in-game cosmetic package that can be purchased directly from the Wynncraft Store (you can claim one crate each month for free) or received daily as a perk after purchasing V.I.P.+ or HERO rank.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Reward Tiers[edit | edit source]

When you open crates, many different rewards are available.

Common - This is the lowest tier of item you can get. They are usually basic player effects, attack effects, disguises, and wybels.

Rare - This is the second lowest tier of item you can get. These rewards can be "food" gear skins, more diverse player and attack effects, and disguises.

Epic - This tier is the third highest tier. These rewards include intricate gear skins, many of which are used in favor of the rare tier skins.

Godly - This tier is the second highest tier. This tier includes weapon skins, player effects, and wybels.

Black Market - This tier is the highest tier of item you can get, obtained by scrapping Godly rewards or by being lucky in a T3 loot crate. Rewards include hats, wybels, weapon skins, and particles.

Crate Tiers[edit | edit source]

A tier II Loot Crate.

Currently, there are 4 tiers of Loot Crate available.

  • Tier 1 - These Loot Crates can be obtained as a daily reward for VIP+'s.
  • Tier 2 - These Loot Crates can be obtained as a daily reward for HEROs.
  • Tier 3 - These exclusive Loot Crates can only be bought in the Wynncraft store.
  • Tier 4 - These exclusive Loot Crates can only be bought in the Wynncraft store.

All of the above tiers can also be obtained as monthly crates.

Scrapping[edit | edit source]

If you have 5 items of the same rarity, you can open the Scrapping Menu and exchange them for 1 item of a higher tier. The item received is randomly chosen. Black Market rewards cannot be scrapped.

Opening Crates[edit | edit source]

When you open a crate, make sure that there is enough room around you. Once opened, it will summon a physical loot box in front of you. Opening it will give you a chance to get one of 10 items (think Wheel of Fortune). Activating the crate again will stop the spinning over a few seconds (spinning time varies). Tier 1 crates contain mostly Commons, and chances of getting Rares and above increases with Tier. It is, however, still possible to receive up to Godly rewards from Tier 1 crates.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Attack Effects[edit | edit source]

These can range from Common to Rare.

Icon Name Rarity

Cloud Attack Effect Common

Emerald Attack Effect Common

Fire Attack Effect Common

Letter Attack Effect Common

Spark Attack Effect Common

Lava Attack Effect Rare

Swirl Particles[edit | edit source]

These can range from Common to Rare.

Icon Name Rarity

Emerald Swirl Effect Common

Cloud Swirl Effect Common

Fire Swirl Effect Common

Magic Swirl Effect Common

Potion Swirl Effect Common

Redstone Swirl Effect Common

Smoke Swirl Effect Common

Heart Swirl Effect Rare

Letter Swirl Effect Rare

Music Swirl Effect Rare

Special Particles[edit | edit source]

These can range from Common to Black Market.

Icon Name Rarity

Witch Brew Effect Common

Wet Drip Effect Common

Earth Aura Effect Rare

Fire Aura Effect Rare

Air Aura Effect Rare

Water Aura Effect Rare

Thunder Aura Effect Rare

Tornado Effect Rare

Pentagram Effect Epic

Ripple Effect Epic

Storm Effect Epic

Bovemist Effect Epic

Anti-Bovemist Effect Epic

Floating Fairy Effect Epic

Angels Wings Effect Godly

Demon Wings Effect Godly

Ozoth Wings Effect Godly

King Effect Godly

Phoenix Wings Effect Godly

Bone Wings Effect Godly

Fairy Wings Effect Godly

Lake Gylia Effect Godly

Amadel Effect Black Market

Sword and Shield Effect Black Market

Mob Disguises[edit | edit source]

These can range from Common to Rare.

Icon Name Rarity

Chicken Disguise Common

Cow Disguise Common

Pig Disguise Common

Sheep Disguise Common

Creeper Disguise Rare

Pigman Disguise Rare

Spider Disguise Rare

Zombie Disguise Rare

Horse Cloaks[edit | edit source]

These can range from Rare to Epic.

Icon Name Rarity

Zombie Horse Cloak Rare

Skeleton Horse Cloak Epic

Wybels[edit | edit source]

These can range from Common to Black Market.

Icon Name Rarity

Cream Wybel Token Common

Chocolate Wybel Token Common

Gray Wybel Token Common

White Wybel Token Common

Mint Wybel Token Rare

Pink Wybel Token Rare

Violet Wybel Token Rare

Sky Blue Wybel Token Epic

Sea Blue Wybel Token Epic

Bronze Cybel Token Epic

Chrome Cybel Token Epic

Carbon Fiber Cybel Token Epic

Orange Wybel Token Godly

Orange Cybel Token Godly

Angel Wybel Token Black Market

Dragon Wybel Token Black Market

Rainbow Wybel Token Black Market

Demon Wybel Token Black Market

To redeem a Wybel from a token, simply type /pets and click on the token of your choice. Wybel tokens can be redeemed multiple times in order to allow summoning multiple at once.

Weapon Skins[edit | edit source]

These can range from Rare to Black Market.

Icon Name Rarity Class

Food Bow Rare Archer

Food Wand Rare Mage

Food Spear Rare Warrior

Food Dagger Rare Assassin

Frying Pan Rare Assassin

Steampunk Bow Rare Archer

Steampunk Wand Rare Mage

Steampunk Sword Rare Warrior

Steampunk Dagger Rare Assassin

Candle Staff Rare Mage

Golden Bow Epic Archer

Golden Wand Epic Mage

Golden Spear Epic Warrior

Golden Dagger Epic Assassin

Half-Moon Bow Epic Archer

Half-Moon Wand Epic Mage

Half-Moon Spear Epic Warrior

Half-Moon Dagger Epic Assassin

Fellowship Bow Epic Archer

Fellowship Dark Wand Epic Mage

Fellowship Wooden Wand Epic Mage

Fellowship Dagger Epic Assassin

Corrupted Wand Epic Mage

Corrupted Dagger Epic Assassin

Corrupted Spears Epic Warrior

Futuristic Bow Epic Archer

Futuristic Wand Epic Mage

Futuristic Spear Epic Warrior

Futuristic Dagger Epic Assassin

Hand Cannon Epic Archer

Banana Sword Epic Warrior/Assassin

Dern Bow Godly Archer

Dern Wand Godly Mage

Dern Spear Godly Warrior

Dern Dagger Godly Assassin

Phoenix Bow Godly Archer

Phoenix Wand Godly Mage

Phoenix Spear Godly Warrior

Phoenix Dagger Godly Assassin

Frosty Wand Black Market Mage

Frosty Spear Black Market Warrior

Frosty Dagger Black Market Assassin

Frosty Bow Black Market Archer

Hats[edit | edit source]

Hats were a cosmetic feature added in the 1.17 update. They are Black Market exclusives.

Icon Name Rarity

Viking Helmet Black Market

Adventurer's Hat Black Market

Yahya's Fantasy Black Market
Dynasty Hat Black Market

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Wybels[edit | edit source]

Weapon Skins[edit | edit source]

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Warrior/Assassin[edit | edit source]

Hats[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  • Player Skins featured in Gallery screenshots: Shabcarb, LeMestache, 1xUnknown, KnuckleDF
  • The commonly displayed background of a fireplace and ghast tear is the same one used in the Ragni's Library Secret Discovery.