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Lord of The Clock
Quest Info
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Location Detlas Suburb
Province [[{{{province}}}]]
Combat Level 17
Starter NPC [[{{{npc}}}]]
Reward As follows:

As follows

Lord of The Clock is an easy level 17 quest originating in the Detlas Suburb and Mt. Wynn.


Bulbo requests the player to visit Gundalf and give him a clock that is driving Bulbo insane. After visiting Gundalf, the player is requested to throw the clock into the depths of Mt. Wynn to rid Bulbo of corruption.

Stage 1

» Talk to Bulbo in the Detlas Suburb.


  • Bulbo: 1..2...3....4.....5....
  • Bulbo: That incessant ticking.. the time, my very existence.. None of it makes any sense, I can't stop obsessing over it!
  • Bulbo: Not all too long ago I recovered this clock after it fell out of the pocket of a man engaged in battle with another.
  • Bulbo: At first it made me feel empowered. I was able to do remarkable things and was filled with an incredible knowledge and understanding of our world.
  • Bulbo: But no more.. the information, it's too much and too fast, my mind cannot handle it. I'm becoming mad!
  • Bulbo: It must be destroyed. I am sorry to ask, but I'm not stable enough to do this on my own. Do you think you can assist me in destroying it?
  • Bulbo: Thank you kindly. I'm sorry to say, I do not know how to destroy it. Talk to my dear friend, Gundalf. He is far more experienced than I, and he surly will know.
  • Bulbo: Here is the clock. Gundalf will be in his secret library quarters near The Nether portal. Look for the damaged tower to enter, and tell no one of his whereabouts.

Stage 2

» Talk to Gundalf at the Secret Library.


  • Gundalf: I never have visitors, I hope you're not here with malicious intent.
  • Gundalf: ... I see. So Bulbo's mind is being corrupted and consumed by the work of a great evil.
  • Gundalf: The fool! He could never keep his curiosity at bay. The clock is known as the [Insantic Clock].
  • Gundalf: My name is Gundalf. There is a seemingly growing presence of evil in these lands, I have hidden away down here to collect information.
  • Gundalf: The Insantic Clocks magic seal cannot be destroyed by any weapon. There are a few volcanoes in these lands, and we're fortunate enough to be rather close to the one that we need.
  • Gundalf: To break the evil magic and destroy the clock will require burning it at an extraordinary temperature. Mt. Wynn descends to such a depth, men have questioned if it's a part of our world.
  • Gundalf: Take this clock and heave it off the edge, do not hesitate. The exit from this place is behind me. Go northwest from there, near a dense nest of spiders.

Stage 3

» Talk to Frudo in the Mt. Wynn Cave.


  • Frudo: Hi. What do you think you're doing?
  • Frudo: Oh, come to destroy the [Insantic Clock] have we..? Well, I'll just go ahead and do that for you.
  • Frudo: Eh?? Of course Bulbo knew I would be the one to destroy it, that's why I'm here.
  • Frudo: Enough with the questions, please! Take this and leave, just go.


  • It is suggested to not hold a spear or a wand while talking to Frudo because behind him is a big lava sea.


This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

  • Many portions of this quest are references to The Lord of the Rings series. For example, all the NPCs are based on LOTR characters: Bulbo from Bilbo, Gundalf from Gandalf, and Frudo from Frodo, in addition to the Gullum mob, named after Gollum.
  • Before the 1.12 update, Bulbo's house was empty and was regarded as an easter egg