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Lost Tower
Quest Info
Length Short
Location Nemract
Province Wynn
Combat Level 26
Starter NPC Laen
Reward As follows:

Lost Tower is a short level 26 quest centered around Ancient Nemract.


A lost tower in Ancient Nemract used to be the home of Laen's ancestors. However, something has been left behind in the tower and needs to be retrieved for Laen, so he asks for the player to retrieve it.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Laen in Nemract.

 Location   Nemract   X   24  Y     Z   -2197  Wynncraft Map 


  • Laen: Hey adventurer! Would you mind helping me for a second? I have a bit of a problem on my hands.
  • Laen: A while ago, before Ancient Nemract was destroyed, my family used to own quite an interesting book, that held knowledge of places and beings of great power.
  • Laen: Unfortunately, a creature stole it from them during the attack that led to the destruction of Ancient Nemract, and no one has seen it since.
  • Laen: If you are willing to help, bring me [1 Book of the Bones], I believe this book is now between the hands of skeletons, in an old tower in Ancient Nemract.
  • Laen: See if you can find this tower, one of the skeleton probably has the book somewhere in there.

Stage 2[]

» Find the lost tower in Ancient Nemract.

 Location   Lost Tower   X   185  Y   57  Z   -1882  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 3[]

» Find the Book of Bones in the tower.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the Book of Bones.
When you first enter the underground passages, turn right. After a short path down, you will reach another intersection; turn left and continue through the passage. Turn left again, and you will reach a large intersection, with a black spot on the right. There is an opening in the black spot; go through it and follow the passage to reach the Rotten Necromancer, in a room at (185, 27, -1860), which drops the Book of Bones when killed.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
RottenSkeleton.png Rotten Skeleton 28 180 Melee Slowness I - - Lost Tower
Underground Passageways
RottenNecromancer.png Rotten Necromancer 28 880 Ranged Multihit - Book of Bones Lost Tower
Underground Room

Stage 4[]

» Bring back the book to Laen.

 Location   Nemract   X   24  Y     Z   -2199  Wynncraft Map 


  • Laen: Great! This will be very interesting to read, thank you!


  • Be careful as the skeletons deal plenty of damage.
  • There is a somewhat hidden ladder on the second to last floor that leads directly to the Rotten Necromancer.
  • In the tower keep finding a way downwards, on the lowest floor the Rotten Necromancer drops the Book of Bones.


  • The Book of Bones was originally given to Nyris who was located in Almuj, until the 1.12 update came about and changed it to Laen.