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The Lost Weapons are a collection of four weapons, one for each class, dropped from mobs and found in Loot Chests around level 85. They can all only be wielded after completion of the level 84 quest The Lost, started in the southern reaches of the Canyon of the Lost. They each have a variety of identifications, and are all involved in the Air element; besides this, however, Solitude provides Water bonuses, Canyon Spirit has heavy base Earth damage, and Mountain Spirit is based around Thunder alongside Air.

Even though all four weapons require completion of The Lost to wield, none of them are given as a reward from the quest. In this way, they are similar to the spear Hostage, which requires completion of Prison Story, and the Pandemonium bracelet, which requires completion of ???.


Weapon Lv. Min. Requirements Neutral Damage Elemental Damage Attack Speed Slots

84 60 Agility
The Lost
90-130 80-110 ❋ Air Fast 3

Canyon Spirit
85 The Lost 50-70 60-100 ✤ Earth Normal 2

Mountain Spirit
86 20 Dexterity
50 Agility
The Lost
90-120 60-100 ❋ Air
10-50 ✦ Thunder
Fast 2

Lost Soul
87 65 Agility
The Lost
50-110 80-120 ❋ Air Fast 2