Lost in the Jungle

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Lost in the Jungle
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Jungle Village
Province Wynn
Combat Level 62
Starter NPC Gracen
Reward As follows:

Lost in the Jungle is a medium level 62 quest that begins in the Iboju Village and progresses into the Dernel Jungle.

Preview[edit | edit source]

Gracen requests the player to help find his son Aryn and the Mysterious Gemstone in the Dernel Jungle.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Gracen in the Iboju Village.

 X   -752  Y   80  Z   -662  Wynncraft Map 


  • Gracen: Excuse me, traveller... I am dreadfully sorry to ask this of you, but I need your help.
  • Gracen: You see, my son, Aryn... very recently, he underwent a traditional coming-of-age ceremony from our tribe.
  • Gracen: He was tasked to enter the dangerous Dernel Jungle, just south of here, and brave the wilderness for three days. He returned a true man, successful.
  • Gracen: However, he also brought with him an odd purple gemstone. Our shaman saw it as a bad omen, but I was so caught up in the celebrations, I brushed it off.
  • Gracen: Strange happenings began around the village. Aryn walked about at night, talking to someone... but no one else was there with him.
  • Gracen: Just last sunrise, he vanished entirely. We sent out a search for him, but even our hardiest warriors could not venture deep into the jungle.
  • Gracen: We returned empty-handed, having lost our newest tribesman. The village is in terrible spirits, and I feel as though I am responsible.
  • Gracen: You Wynn warriors, however... great stories are told of your exploits. Surely, you will be able to brave the jungle, yes?
  • Gracen: I beg of you, please, find my son. I do not know quite where he is, but undoubtedly he has been taken quite a ways in...
  • Gracen: Hm... I just now am seeing a strange trail on the ground... it matches the color of the gemstone! It may take you to him, please, follow it!

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Follow the trail of pink and purple on the ground until you stand in front of a temple. Kill the entity on top of the temple and then go inside.

 X   -698  Y   23  Z   -354  Wynncraft Map 


  • Aryn: P-please, I beg of you spirit, let me go free! The tribesmen must be so worried-
  • Aryn: Aha, I hear someone coming! Surely a tribesman here to rescue me!
  • Aryn?: Oh! If so, the body of this warrior will be far better suited to my needs! Grant me your power, boy! I need to thrash them first to possess them!

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Obtain the Mysterious Gemstone by beating Possessed Aryn.


  • You realize you should probably make sure Aryn is all right before continuing...
  • Aryn: Hahah, take that, evil wraith! You'll never match the power of our tribe-
  • Aryn: W-wait, you aren't part of our tribe! Who are you, why did you come here?
  • Aryn: Oh my father sent you? Well... I am impressed, Wynn warrior. You fight with ferocity of our own!
  • Aryn: I... can't say the same for myself. That spirit completely overtook me, I still can't move right now...
  • Aryn: For now, please. Take away this gemstone. It caused all this, I don't want to be near such a bad luck charm.
  • Aryn: Tell the tribe that I will return on my own. I made it back once, I can do it again once I am prepared.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Bring back the Mysterious Gemstone to Gracen.


  • Gracen: Oh my... Aryn was possessed by a spirit residing within the gemstone?
  • Gracen: How shameful... our shaman has never been wrong before, why did I disregard his warning...
  • Gracen: But that is beside the point. You say you have destroyed the spirit and it does not feel tainted any longer, so I will trust you.
  • Gracen: Looking at it now, this is actually quite a valuable stone. If crushed to dust, it can be used in potent herbal remedies, or for special charms we make.
  • Gracen: Here, allow me to grind this down for you. You can keep the dust and shards for whatever purposes you may need it for in the future.
  • Gracen: Whether you use it for yourself, or have charity and use it to help others, I am sure you deserve such a reward far more than I do.
  • Gracen: Our tribe... and especially myself... we thank you for your service. We shall consider you one of our own, from this day forward.
  • Gracen: In fact, if you'd like, you may even enter my house here whenever you'd like.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After the quest you get access to Gracen's house, in which is a Mysterious Carving with coordinates to a grind spot not far from where you find his son
  • That grind spot is only accessible after you "place" the stone in his place, which will open a secret door.
  • This Feature was added in the 1.18 Economy Update