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Lutho CityIcon.png
Discovery Lore
A sight to behold, this eccentric town's glowing obelisk is a beacon of hope in the midst of the Silent Expanse.
Coordinates X: 981, Z: -704
Suggested Level 105
Standard Merchants
Potion Merchant Level 90, 95, 100
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Liquid Emerald Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Dungeon Merchant
Mysterious Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Quest Starts A Journey Further
Point of No Return
Involved Quests A Journey Beyond

Lutho is a town located in the Silent Expanse. It is the final destination in the quest A Journey Beyond. It is currently the highest level city in the game.

Lutho was originally a town founded by the human miners that made it to the Silent Expanse.[1] The Light erected a monolith in the middle of the town to protect the physical bodies of the miners, and to fight the darkness of Dern.[2] Not wanting to live in this depressing darkness, slowly, the miners of Lutho chose to lose their souls and transport into an imaginary world. Their bodies were left behind, with only the monolith keeping them moving.[3]

Two quests, A Journey Further and Point of No Return start from Lutho.

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Lutho Citizen

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Lutho" translates to "Nothing" from Zulu.
  • The monolith in the center of the town reads "free" in Wynnic.
  • A Journey Beyond
  • A Monument of Hope
  • Point of No Return