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Lutho Citizen
NPC Info
X: 1014 Z: -675
Location Lutho
Quest Involved Point of No Return
Lutho Citizen
NPC Info
Location Lutho
Lutho Citizen
NPC Info
Location Lutho
Disambig.png This article is about the starting NPC for Point of No Return. For the non-quest NPC of the same name, see Citizen#Lutho.

Lutho Citizen is the only citizen of Lutho who has not yet chosen to go to Happier Lutho when the player arrives there. At the start of the quest Point of No Return, she explains that she has only kept her eyes because she chose to, and the player must also choose now that they are in the Silent Expanse. The walls and floor around her will turn black and she will partially disappear, causing the player to enter the darkness for most of the quest. At the end of the quest, when the player returns from Happier Lutho, she expresses surprise that they chose to remain in reality, and eventually decides to go to Happier Lutho herself.


1014, 77, -675
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Lutho Citizen is located in the Potion Shop in Lutho.


Before Quest[]

  • Nothing Folk: Wait... It can't be. Look me in the eyes. You are human! But wait, you should really come back when you're level 102.

During Quest[]

  • Lutho Citizen: Wait, it can't be. Look me in the eyes. You are human, like me.
  • Lutho Citizen: Well, maybe not anymore. Look around you. These people are barely alive.
  • Lutho Citizen: I have kept my eyes because I chose to keep them.
  • Lutho Citizen: Now you are here you will have to make that same decision. Just remember this:
  • Lutho Citizen: No matter what, you MUST KEEP GOING.

  • Lutho Citizen: You- you chose to come back. I saw your eyes disappear, briefly.
  • Lutho Citizen: As you can see... Everyone in this town chose to stay there.
  • Lutho Citizen: It started as just one or two.. But over the years more and more people chose to stay.
  • Lutho Citizen: Now the shells are kept functioning by some blessing or curse of the obelisk.
  • Lutho Citizen: I'm the last one to choose reality.. Although I wonder if it might just be easier to...

After Quest[]

  • Lutho Citizen: ...