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Maltics Well
Quest Info
Length Short
Location Maltic
Province Wynn
Combat Level 16
Starter NPC Rynend
Reward As follows:

Maltic's Well is a short level 16 quest taking place in and around the old and crumbling well of Maltic.


Rynend, a member of the town, asks the player to investigate the well and defeat the Well Witch inside to receive Maltic's Recommendation Letter, a quest item for a future quest.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Rynend located in Maltic at [-568, 48, -1922]



  • Rynend: Please help us! We called for a Ragni guard days ago, but Humans tend to forget this little village.
  • Rynend: Last week, an evil witch found refuge in our old well. Normally this wouldn't be a problem...
  • Rynend: But she's lured my child into the well! My only child! He was born in Wynn, that makes him a Wynn citizen!
  • Rynend: Please do something! I know Maltic isn't of importance to you humans, being a Villager settlement, but...my son!

Stage 2[]

» Investigate the old Maltic well at [-564, 48, -1927] and bring [1 Witch's Empty Bottle] to Rynend
Jump into the well.

  • One of these tunnels must be the correct one...

To find the witch, first follow the yellowish fragments on the floor down the appropriate tunnel.

  • Child: Help me! Someone! The witch is being mean!!
  • Witch: I wondered when they'd send the famous Ragni guards. You'll never get me!

Parkour up the broken stairs.

  • Witch: I don't know why they call me a witch. Magic is everywhere, you know. This one's father made fun of my looks, so I'll turn his son into a Grook!
  • Witch: Treat me like a witch, I'll act like one, darn it! You'll have to pass through my dastardly magical defenses to find me!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Rat(MalticsWell).png Rat 15 60 Melee AI - - - Witch's Hideout

Avoid the mobs, and go through any of the three doors.



  • Witch: Oh...drat. I never could get that spell right. Well, now you'll have to guess the way, um, you fool! Turn back now, for, uh...
  • Witch: ...for if you choose the wrong door, you'll be sent to a beast, a beast most foul! The, um...the Beast-What-Eats-Ragni-Guards-For-Brunch!! Totally!

Go through any of the next three doors. At the end of the dialogue, you must kill the witch.

  • Witch: Oh...didn't think that'd fool you. You know, I'm really not all that good at magic. I just like wearing pointy hats, and have warts.
  • Witch: Maybe if the people of this village weren't so mean to me, I wouldn't have been forced to live here.
  • Witch: I know it's a crime, but his father and the rest of the villagers here hunt me like I'm a rabid dog!
  • Witch: I wasn't really going to turn this boy into a Grook. I doubt I could even make him grow one feather. I mean, watch...
  • Child: Aiyeeee! What's happening to meeee?!

The child will turn into a rabbit.

  • Witch: ...oh my gosh it worked???? It worked, I did a spell for once in my miserable life!!
  • Witch: W-Wait, that's not good at all, you're gonna... No! You won't take me out of here alive!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
WellWitch.png Well Witch 19 350 Ranged AI - ✤ Weak
✦ Dam

Witch's Empty Bottle
Witch's Hideout


  • Child: Thank you for saving me from the witch... She was nice at first and made me cookies, but I want to go home now.
-567, 48, -1921
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  • Rynend: Oh my son! What happened down there? Erh, not a witch, you say?
  • Rynend: Preposterous! She wore a hat and had warts! I guess it's too late now... Thank you so much for your help.
  • Rynend: Please take this [1 Maltic Recommendation Letter], I am sure it will help you someday!