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Maltic Cave NaturalIcon.png
Entrance to the cave
Coordinates X: -625, Z: -1945
Suggested Level 5
Involved Quests None
Type/Biomes Cave
Special Conditions Hostile
Monsters Zombie, Zombie Archer, Assassin Zombie
Boss Corrupted Salted, Corrupted Jumla, Corrupted Grian
Uses Easter egg, None
Requirements None

Maltic Cave is a very interesting hole-in-the-ground to the west of Maltic. It contains a small campsite, comprising of a cook fire and two tents, but is also home to a wide variety of mobs, some of them very rare.

There is also a curved path cut into one wall of the cave, which enables adventurers to gain a high vantage point over the spawning mobs.

A loot chest appears near the apex of the green tent.


-625, -1945
Wynncraft Map

Maltic Cave is located under a small hill just west of Maltic.


Common Denizens[]

Image Name Level Description
Mob Zombie Lv10.png Zombie 10 A standard zombie, wearing leather armour and wielding a stone sword.
Mob Zombie Archer.png Zombie Archer 4 A zombie wearing green armour, which fires arrows at you from a distance. Spawns one-at-a-time.
Mob Assassin Zombie.png Assassin Zombie 10 The assassin zombie is the boss of the common mobs in the cave. He wields assassin's shears, and uses normal melee attacks and charged spell attacks.

Rare Denizens[]

The three rare denizens may not appear every time you visit the cave, or you may find one or two of them. It's very rare to find all three.

Image Name Level Description
Mob Corrupted Salted.png Corrupted Salted 5 Wearing Salted's head and gold boots and chestplate, this special zombie wields sugar, possibly because it has the closest texture in the game to salt.
Mob Corrupted Jumla.png Corrupted Jumla 7 With Jumla's head and wearing gray armour, Corrupted Jumla holds a book and feather, symbolising his role as a writer of game source code.
Mob Corrupted Grian.png Corrupted Grian 9 Corrupted Grian wears Grian's old head, and green armour. He wields the wooden axe used by Grian when building.


  • The cave is the only location that corrupted Salted, Grian and Jumla spawn.
  • Salted and Grian had their skin changed since they were both created.