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Maltic Plains RegionIcon.png
Maltic Plains.png
A glimpse of the Plains from one of the Farms
Coordinates X: -564, Z: -1883
Access Points Emerald Trail to the south
Ragni region and Katoa Ranch to the west
Wynn Coast and Ocean to the north
Mount Wynn and Nivla Woods to the east
Suggested Level 10
Quest Starts Maltic's Well
Type/Biomes Plains
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)

Maltic Plains is a large expanse in the Wynn Plains dotted with Wheat and Barley farms, around the small town of Maltic. The area's enemies consist of similar zombies as those on the Emerald Trail, though they appear is far fewer numbers here. Many small ruins and farmhouses can be found around the area.

Points of Interest[]


  • Maltic - The first and only entirely Villager-owned town in Wynn. It is underdefended, and the Ragni army does not offer their help often.



  • Oak trees grow sparcely in the plains.

  • As stated above, Wheat and Barley crops can be harvested in the farms around the plains.


  • Maltic Plains have a lot of wheat farming spots which makes it an ideal place to farm wheat for new players.
  • The only egg merchant in the game is located in Maltic Plains.