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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.16 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Mansion Delivery
Quest Info
Length Short
Location Nemract, Near East Bridge to the Cathedral/ Saint's Row
Province Wynn
Combat Level 24
Starter NPC Garas
Reward As follows:

Mansion Delivery was an easy level 24 quest, that could only be started and finished during night time in Nemract.

This quest has been replaced with Dwelling Walls, in the 1.16 update.


After meeting Garas under the cover of night at the mansion in Nemract, he will anxiously reveal that his friend Rynb entered the mansion a few hours ago, and has not yet returned. You are asked to deliver a letter to Rynb in order to help him escape the mansion.

Note: The quest itself is mostly puzzle based, and involves no combat.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Garas in Nemract.


  • Garas: Hi. Hopefully you aren't busy right now, I need you. Great!
  • Garas: You see, my friend entered this mansion about six hours ago, and still hasn't come out.
  • Garas: He might have got lost or something, but that's not the point...
  • Garas: I can't spend all day waiting for him. Do you think you could tell him that I am leaving?
  • Garas: Great! I still don't know how to open the door exactly, it seems to be pretty random...
  • Garas: Anyway, good luck with that!

Stage 2[]

» Find Rynb in the mansion to deliver the letter and complete the quest.


  • Rynb: Woa! You scared me! Where did you even come from?
  • Rynb: Garas? Oh yes, I forgot about him. Obviously, he can leave if he wants.


  • The door to the mansion is open only during the sunset.
  • You can leave the mansion at anytime by simply jumping off the balconies.
  • The following area should be reached in order to complete this quest faster:

Area to Mansion Delivery NPC

  • Jumping from Mylo using your transportation spell, you can reach Rynb much faster.