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Manual of the Legends

Type Legendary
Obtain Festival of the Blizzard
Usage On use, offers a random piece of advice.
To be truly great, one can not simply hope. One must take initiative, for such greatness is not found, but earned.

The Manual of the Legends is a Legendary item obtainable during the Festival of the Blizzard, which ran from 10th December, 2021 until 3rd January, 2022. It could be obtained from 25th December onward as a gift from Kelight, after giving him a Pearlescent Jewel and inviting him to the Festival in Detlas, on The Traveler's recommendation. The Manual cannot be sold on the Trade Market, but can be traded with other players during and after the event.

When used, the Manual provides a random entry from a long list of practical advice, written by Kelight. Known entries are included below.

List of Entries[]

Title Entry
Tip 2: Coherency is key. • Many budding soldiers rely heavily on the items they use for their power. To maximize effectiveness in this way, one must build a coherent slew of abilities.
• To start, matching together like-elemented gear is a fine tactic. However, that may become inefficient eventually, and leaves one vulnerable to the opposing elements.
• For advanced power, one must match gear with similar powers, instead. An incoherent or one-note set of items will leave their user helpless.
• But to be truly legendary, fashion is paramount! Walking into battle looking like an rummage-sale explosion is disgraceful. Always measure gear by its flair first!
Tip 4: Practice makes perfect. • The old adage has persisted to this day for a very good reason– Rigorous practice and training is incredibly vital to building up a skillset.
• Above all, entering any kind of battle unprepared will be the death of a soldier. As such, increasing one's power through combat regimens is paramount.
• As a rule of thumb, one should feel approximately twenty personal "levels" above the enemy before engaging, so as to ensure safety.
Tip 8: Variety is very. *good
• As different enemies have different abilities, it is important to match one's power to effectively deal with one's opponents.
• Carrying multiple weapons with different powers or elemental affinities can edge out a wily opponent, even if one's spare weapons are weaker than their primary.
• At bare minimum, carry nine to ten different weapons. Your backpack will complain, but such complaints mean nothing above your life.
Tip 11: Read up on rarity disparity. • Artificers have broadly classified magical and nonmagical items into varying categories. Basic, Unique, Set, Rare, Legendary, Fabled, Mythic.
• As a general rule of thumb, items further down the list have stronger capabilities– providing more protection or stronger attacks.
• However, this is not always the case. Examine an item's abilities closely rather than judging by rarity ranking to determine whether it will suit your needs best!
• Even the humble basic items can be better than Mythic items in certain scenarios.
Tip 17: Examine your elements. • Often, elemental affinities are disregarded by inexperienced soldiers, and doing so will swiftly lead to one's downfall.
• Elemental coherency can lead to devestatingly strong attacks against one's enemies...but ignorance can lead to one's enemies doing the same.
• After all, no matter how Defensive or Agile one is, an elemental weakness will pierce through without any reduction.
• As such, the only real solution is to exclusively use element-neutral gear, to remove elements from the equation entirely.
Tip 19: Mirth makes worth. • The world we live in is frightening and full of terrible beasts. Maintaining morale is vital to keeping focus in battle, but such in dangerous times that can be difficult.
• As such, it is important to keep one's mood high in order to stave off the dread of facing a powerful foe.
• One such tactic I have devised is to merely imagine the enemy nude, or in silly-print undergarments.
• Even the fearsome Corrupter of Worlds does not seem so scary if thought of wearing Wybel-print boxer briefs!
Tip 27: Brave the caves. • Many will tell tales of treasures found deep within caves, and these are not merely rumors. Treasure chests full of valuable loot are often guarded by beasts.
• These treasure chests are a fast way to find powerful magic items, be they armaments or magical augmenters such as elemental powders.
• Searching caves can be risky, but is incredibly rewarding should one be up to the task– however, I have a plan to expedite this process for hopeful heroes.
• Shortly after I finish writing this manual, I plan to contract various demolitions and excavations services to artificially seed the land with empty caves in the hopes that treasure chests will appear at their end.
Tip 31: From humble beginnings. • A hero's skill is not born in a day. One must always start from the bottom and work their way up.
• As such, it is important to help people in need wherever they are, and however small the quest may seem.
• Even something so small as aiding someone who needs an out-of-the-way item on their grocery list can provide valuable experience.
• However, once one has made a sufficient name for themselves, such tasks will be beneath you and should be ignored. They should have asked you for help while they had the chance.
Tip 40: Don't fear new gear. • Soldiers often make the mistake of becoming attached to the items they find. Be it sentimental value, or simply the idea that they cannot change their tactics.
• Abandon this folly, and remember that being adaptable is a way of maintaining the advantage. Be it that the enemy your face seems insurmountable...
• ...or that you simply have outgrown a particular fighting style, experimenting with new items is a great way to boost your knowledge and overcome difficult opponents.
• I recommend that you rotate your gear out every 10000 miles, or every 3 days, whichever comes first, in order to keep it in optimum shape.
Tip 42: Strength in numbers. • Some heroes, such as Bob, fought their battles alone. For the majority, this is not feasible. It is never a shame to call for reinforcements
• After all, even just one extra soldier fighting a strong enemy is double the firepower of what one can accomplish alone.
• Training in groups, be it impromptu cooperation, coordinated aid, or a war party, can make battles go far smoother and multiply what one learns.
• However, never approach the so-called "Bomb Parties." They promise easy combat experience, but the creation of bombs for purposes aside from demolition is illegal, and participants will be reported to the authorities.
Tip 59: Rest is best. • A soldier cannot fight all day long without experiencing fatigue. Everyone has limits, and it is important to know yours.
• Other soldiers exist and do the job of protecting the provinces. Taking a break for a few hours, or even to sleep, is no shame.
• Take a hot bath, make yourself a cup of tea or fix a snack. Doing nothing but facing enemies at all hours of the day is unhealthy.
• Find a balance between aiding the people of Wynn and Gavel, and aiding yourself as a person. Why not take a break now?
Tip 68: Failure isn't forever. • Inevitably, there will be battles you do not win, and you will find yourself defeated. When this happens, do not rush back into battle recklessly.
• Ask yourself the question– What went wrong? If the answer lies with your skill or strength, perhaps practice further before returning to satisfy your pride.
• Repeated failure will lead to frustration, and frustration leads to careless mistakes, such as dropping prized gear. And without your gear, how will you fight at all?
• If you are against a wall, take time for your sanity. Practice against weakeroes, find new items in caves, or do something safe to allow your head to clear.
• Consider the option of writing the object of your frustrations a strongly worded letter. Even corrupteds are not immune to emotional damage.
Tip 70: Hidden power awaits. • Whether you fancy yourself an explorer or not, take the time to closely examine your surroundings. Many things are hidden from plain sight.
• These discoveries often bring with them a sense of accomplishment, and finding them will heighten your instincts greatly.
• Searching for unknown secrets within the world can make a great reprieve from combat training or questing for others, supposing one becomes tired of those tasks.
• Be warned that sometimes, people will not be kind to explorers. For instance, there is almost never a valuable secret to be found in a woman's dresser drawer.
Tip 77: Food is fuel. • Focus is important in battle, but an overabundance of focus can lead to a failure in basic functionality.
• Do not forget to eat before gearing up for battle– an army marches on its stomach, and the same holds true for individual soldiers.
• A healthy breakfast is a perfect start to a rigorous training session or as preparation for marching upon a strong enemy.
• I recommend a full continental spread of poached Grook eggs, oatmeal, Llevigar muffins, gourmet bacon, and orange juice.
Tip 83: Know yourself. • A vital part of fighting effectively is to know what fighting style suits you the best. If something feels stilted or unnatural, you will never perform it at optimum.
• Be it clashing with spears and daggers, channeling magic through reliks or wands, or utilizing the precision of a bow, one must feel comfortable with their abilities.
• Take the time to ruminate on your preferences– for there is a science to it all. For instance, learning one's horoscope sign can be a great way to begin self-reflection.
• As a warning, Tauruses need not bother with daggers. In all of history, Tauruses have consistently died horrible deaths when utilizing knives. Heed this warning well.
Tip 85: Acceptable ambitions. • Many shall aspire to be great heroes such as yours truly, or perhaps will take on figures such as Bob as role models.
• These are lofty, but admirable goals to take on. However, ensure that your ambitions do not take on a life of their own.
• Some heroes allow their status to go to their heads, and become unruly villains out for their own benefit or fame.
• Take after my example– My greatness is merely fact, rather than delusions of grandeur. Follow my example, and remain humble.
Tip 88: Leave nothing to luck. • The downfall of many aspiring heroes is their willingness to rely on the luck of the draw instead of honing their skills.
• A stroke of fortune can be a savior when the odds are against you, but to expect things to remain so lucky for all future battles is tantamount to insanity.
• However, this can be circumvented. In addition to training, it is good practice to load oneself down with as many lucky charms and baubles as possible.
• After all, if you have all the luck, then fortune will forever be in your favor, and your skill will thus become a handy, but unnecessary backup.
Tip 94: Stop for self-care. • In addition to the aforementioned breaks for food and rest, soldiers will often forget to take care of themselves, being so focused on their battles that they lose sight of themselves.
• So– if you are reading this in the heat of battle, finish it, and take not a step further. Go back home, and purchase yourself a spa ticket.
• Find a fancy lotion you enjoy and moisturize! Cracked, callused palms or feet can be an unnecessary distraction in battle.
• Treat yourself like the hero you will one day be– luxuriously, and listen not to the naysayers. The world-deciding fight can wait for you to finish your manicure.
Tip 100: Perfection is unattainable. • Yes, it may seem strange for someone such as myself to be writing this. But it is true- I am not perfect, and no one else is either.
• There is never a point where you have become the best you can possibly be- room for improvement always exists no matter what.
• Remain driven, and forever seek to better yourself in any way you can. Combat prowess, focus, memory, instinct and reaction time, knowledge...
• ...baking acumen, expressiveness in writing, skill in writing long lists, memory, anything and everything.
Tip 283: Buy my next book. • I congratulate you, aspiring hero, on reaching the end of this guide to your betterment as a soldier in this war.
• However, there exist hundreds more tips of the trade that I have picked up in my experience as the premier guard of the Temple of the Legends.
• The sequel to the Manual of the Legends, "Manual of the Legends Part 2: Kelectric Boogaloo" will be releasing in the spring season of 1002 AP.
• If you truly intend to become a Legend such as I, you won't want to miss this valuable information.
• ...
• You'll get back to looking at random pages now.