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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Mark of the Meteors SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
The Crashing of the Sky, as they called it, impacted the lives of Gylia in many ways - Even after centuries of its occurrence.
Coordinates X: -118, Z: -5504
Suggested Level Combat Lv. 70+
Uses Discovery

Mark of the Meteors is a Secret Discovery located in the Gylia Plains. The discovery focuses on the Meteors and how the Villagers and Gerts are related due to them.


Near Gert Camp
-117, 58, -5551
Wynncraft Map
  • Left-click the supports on the boulder, the boulder will the roll down to the coordinates [-117, 31, -5502], where a hole will appear in the ground. Enter the hole to register the discovery.

Log Entries[]

These can be found scattered around the underground area opened up by the boulder, as "Torn Page" NPCs.

Log 1[]

Found at [-116, 20, -5509].
Day 1
Just yesterday two rocks fell from the skies, right into my backyard. It goes without saying that the cataclysm from a thousand years ago has caused the area to be forever unstable at this point.
But I am not one of those who abandon everything at sight. These rocks - they glow with mystical energies. Something about them compels me to study them. And as a scholar, I feel like that would be my duty.
I shall record my findings in this log in hopes that if I were to perish the generations of the future would use my knowledge of these rocks for good.

Log 2[]

Found at [-122, 13, -5505].
Day 4
After inspecting the stones that fell from the sky closer, I have found out that they are glowing with purple and blue lights. This sets them apart from regular stones, implying that magic might be in play here.
While I do remember studying the magical arts back in my heydays, I do not remember anything about, uh... shining rocks? Nevertheless, I should probably keep my distance, if their origin is indeed magical.
Perhaps the others were right to leave? Maybe I should go with them? After all, I am going in completely unprotected, when observing the rocks.

Log 3[]

Found at [-132, 5, -5511].
day 13
This morning I uncovered something interesting, but I forgot what it was. Anyway, it was very confusing so I went to consult my books. I have too many books. Took me a long time to find the right one.
After reading the books I came to a revelation, a real breakthrough! So, I came to write it down in the log, but I forgot what I wanted to write down.
Ever since I started working with the rocks, my memory has been fading more and more every day. I barely even recognize myself. What happened to the scholar that I was? That's who I was, right?

Log 4[]

Found at [-127, 4, -5497].
day 29
no time to lok at the shiny rocks today. busy trowing out all the vegetable. they taste too bad. cant eat them. need mor meat for me. im so hungry.
havent talk to people for long time. so i write in book. writing hard to so i talk more. no respond.
maybe shiny rock bad for me. maybe no go outsid no more. stay hom now.

Log 5[]

Found at [-113, 6, -5501].
dey 53
me stei hom long time. no fud left. me go ousid soon. hunt pig maybe get potato. me hunger very hunger.
maybi go live with other vilger. have many pig. leave dis home now. bye book i mis you. liv with vilger now.
vilger. ilger. ger. ger. gert. go with gert now.


  • This discovery implies that the first Gert, or first Gerts, were villagers who went insane due to the meteors' effects.