Marston's Crew
NPC Info
X: -660 Z: -3155
Location Pirate Cove
Quest Involved Redbeard's Booty

Marston's Crew is a group of pirates (Argus, Martim, and Karkun) hired by Marston to help find Redbeard's lost treasure. During the quest Redbeard's Booty, they and the player use a map Marston gave them to find a series of clues regarding the location of Redbeard's treasure. However, when they find the last clue, they knock out the player and Marston and enter the Galleon's Graveyard dungeon to try to revive Redbeard and become his new crew.


Pirate Cove
-660, 43, -3155
Wynncraft Map

Marston's crew is located in a house in Pirate Cove, directly east of the Seaskipper.

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