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An example of a fabled tier weapon mastery tome.

Mastery Tomes are raid reward items that give basic buffs to the player, such as XP bonus, damage modifiers, and defense, with the exception of Guild Tomes. There are 6 types of Mastery Tomes: Gathering, Armour, Weapon, Dungeoneering, Slaying, and Guild Mastery Tomes. There are 2 levels of tomes available as well as Legendary, Fabled, or Mythic tiers. Most armour and weapon tomes contain prefixes that determine its stat identifications, however, the base buff is the same across all tomes of that type.

Armour Mastery Tomes give the unique buff Mob Damage Resistance along with varying identifications.

Weapon Mastery Tomes give damage buffs, but don't seem to have stat identifications.[1]

Slaying Mastery Tomes give Slaying XP buffs. It is different than regular XP Bonus in that it affects experience from mobs only.

Gathering Mastery Tomes give Gathering XP bonus, stacking with regular Gather XP identifications.

Dungeoneering Mastery Tomes give Dungeon XP buffs, increasing the experience one gets from completing a dungeon.

Guild Tomes or Tomes of Allegiance give skill points that count towards skill point requirements. They come in sets of two, totaling to 4 skill points total per tome, with +2 skill points in 2 skills.


Mastery Tomes are raid specific rewards obtained from the raid reward chest at the end of each raid, though not all types are obtainable from each raid. The Canyon Colossus raid gives level 2 slaying, gathering, and armor mastery tomes, while the Nest of the Grootslangs raid gives level 1 tomes of varying kind (armour, weapon, slaying, gathering, dungeoneering). Orphion's Nexus of Light raid is expected to give level 2 weapon, armor, and dungeoneering tomes as well.

Guild Tomes are different in that they are acquired from holding territories with the Tome Seeking upgrade active.


The mastery tome menu.

Mastery Tomes, once identified, can be equipped in the player's compass menu. Clicking on it will open a menu where one may place their tomes. There are 4 armour tome slots, 2 weapon tome slots, 2 gathering tome slots, 2 dungeoneering tome slots, 2 slaying tome slots, and one guild tome slot.

  1. 1. Needs confirmation once Orphion Nexus of Light Raid is out.