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NPC Info
X: -1846
Z: -3148
Location Corkus Province
Quest Involved The Envoy Part I, The Envoy Part II, A Hunter's Calling
Species Human
Level 90
Health 40000
AI Type Melee AI
Location Corkus Province

Maxie is the starting NPC for the quest The Envoy Part II, and also appears in The Envoy Part I and A Hunter's Calling. Maxie is a Corkian who wants to help rid Corkus of rogue Mechs. He tells the player the story of the mechs and the Fallen Factory, and they try to shut down the factory and stop it from creating more. He has trouble using Electromagic at first, but in the end of The Envoy Part II he shows great skill.


Maxie is located in various places in the Corkus Province.

Quest Appearances[]

The Envoy Part I[]

During The Envoy Part I, the player finds Maxie outside The Five Gears Diner, which has been overrun by mechs. Maxie explains that the Corkians have lost control of almost all of their Mechs, which have been raiding towns for supplies. They attempt to stop the mechs at the diner by sneaking through the ventilation system, but Maxie injures himself while in the vents and the leader of the mech group, Mech X, escapes before the player can do anything. They return to Corkus City, and Maxie attempts to explain to Corkus Delegate that the Fallen Factory is still active, but Corkus Delegate claims that is impossible in an attempt to convince the player Corkus is safe.

The Envoy Part II[]

At the start of The Envoy Part II, Maxie explains to the player that they will need two keys to enter and disable the Fallen Factory - one held by the Avos, and one held by the Corkians. Maxie launches the player on a catapult to get into the Avos Territory and retrieve their key, and returns to Corkus City to wait for the player. When they return, Maxie tells them to go to the Corkian Treasure Vault for the second key, but they find that Mech X has already stolen it. Maxie and the player travel to a house controlled by disguised mechs, and the player goes inside to find and kill Mech X while Maxie covers them from outside. Finally, with both keys, they go to the Fallen Factory entrance, and warns the player about their upcoming battle against the Antikythera Supercomputer.

The Feathers Fly Part II[]

Maxie appears near the end of the quest, as part of the Corkian Council. He is there with the player to help defeat the overgrown plant in the quest. At the end of the quest, he appears in the workshop and is sent by Efena to assist Ava with her electromagic inventions.

A Hunter's Calling[]

Maxie appears multiple times in the seventh scenario of A Hunter's Calling, during which the player takes the role of a mech designed by a rebooted Antikythera Supercomputer specifically to spark war between The Avos and the Corkians. When the player uses the Corkian catapult to fire an explosive into the Avos Territory, Maxie attempts to explain to the Avos Chief that it was likely a rogue mech. Later, when the player uses an Avos totem to attack a wall of Corkus City, Maxie confronts the Avos Chief, who explains that the totem was recently stolen and that it was likely indeed a rogue mech. Finally, when the player sends Corkian guard mechs to attack The Avos, Maxie finds them and attempts to deliver the evidence to Corkus City, but is stopped and killed before he can reach the city.


When the player stops Maxie from reaching Corkus City in A Hunter's Calling, Maxie will fight back using two mechs he built himself, the Maxi-M Mobile Cannon 04 and the Maxi-M Combat Disruptor 02, both level 99, with 120,000 and 200,000 health respectively. When both are killed, Maxie will attempt to defeat the player himself, but is level 90 with only 40,000 health, and thus is able to be defeated easily.


  • Maxie is a partial anagram of Imaxelius, a Manager & Builder-GM hybrid.
  • Maxie has been married since 1000AP