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Mayor Eoric
Mayor Eoric.png
NPC Info
X: 936 Z: -5539
Location Eltom
Quest Involved The Hidden City

Mayor Eoric is a human and the mayor of the human settlement Eltom in the Canyon of the Lost. He is involved in the quest The Hidden City, in which you learn more about Eltom and Eoric. When first spoken to, he asks the player to look out for a traitor that is threatening to expose the illegal human settlement to the villager authorities, who want to keep Gavel in their hands. What he doesn't know is that the traitor is actually his own son, Ardulf, with the mother being Thesead's Mayor. Since Thesead's Mayor is a villager and Mayor Eoric is a human, their son Ardulf is half human, half villager and was never accepted by either race. Eoric left Thesead's Mayor for fear of the consequences when the villagers find out about their child.


936, 119, -5539
Wynncraft Map

Mayor Eoric is found in his office in the Eltom town hall.


After Quest:

  • Eoric: Eltom and it's citizens are thankful for your service. The line between Human and Villager remains firmly in place.. For the most part.


There is a teleporter to Thesead's Mayor's office right outside of Mayor Eoric's office. It is hidden in a hole in the ground with a ladder in it. You can use it after finishing the quest. If you try to use it before finishing the quest, you get pushed back and receive the message:

"You hear cracks and stones falling within the tunnel. It isn't safe to explore it."


  • Mayor Eoric and Thesead's Mayor are the only known couple between villagers and humans in Wynncraft.
  • Thanks to them, you can quickly travel back and forth between Eltom and Thesead.