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Meaningful Holiday
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Almuj
Province Wynn
Combat Level 33
Starter NPC Haily
Reward As follows:

Meaningful Holiday is a long level 33 quest starting in the Almuj slums.


The Almuj Charity is having some trouble finding food for their needy citizens this holiday season...

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Haily in Almuj at [929, 75, -1899]



  • Haily: Hello, dear. My name is Haily. Nice to meet you.
  • Haily: This is the Almuj Charity center. We're looking for volunteers to help the homeless this year.
  • Haily: If you want to help someone else this year, our boss Nick is already in the thick of it.
  • Haily: He's a really special man. I'll write his location down for you in your book. Oh, remember this is charity work, so hopefully gratitude is a good enough reward for you.

Stage 2[]

» Go talk to Haily's friend Nick at the poor area.

936, 68, -1841
Wynncraft Map


  • Nick: Oh. Oh... Oh dear. There's more people here than ever.
  • Nick: Hm, are you just passing through? Oh! A volunteer!
  • Nick: You're the only one this year. Things have really changed. We used to have hundreds of volunteers this time of year.
  • Nick: The people here are starving. There's no two ways about it.
  • Nick: I don't know how we're going to feed everyone this year.
  • Nick: The man who runs the budget store used to be homeless... He knows the struggles they face.
  • Nick: I'll look after things here. Can you go to the budget store? It's really close. Any food is gratefully received.

Stage 3[]

» Go to the budget store and ask for food.

943, 75, -1879
Wynncraft Map


  • Flodur: 'ello young lad.
  • Flodur: What can I do fer ye?
  • Flodur: A food donation fer the 'omless?
  • Flodur: I'm sorry but everyfin is sold out, everyone is preparing for Craftmas lad.
  • Flodur: I might have something in the attic, if you find anyfin, you can 'ave it. I know how difficult it gets.

Stage 4[]

» Look for food on the second floor.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to what to do with the apple.

Go upstairs, kill the Moldy apple, and return to Flodur.



  • Flodur: Hm... This apple has seen betta days.
  • Flodur: Looks like i'm fresh outta food. Barely got enough to feed myself.
  • Flodur: I wish I had something to give this year. I guess people are having a feast in the city.

Stage 5[]

» Return to Nick and tell him the bad news.



  • Nick: Any news?
  • Nick: I see. I was counting on him.
  • Nick: I can't be too upset. He donates so much the rest of the year.
  • Nick: We may have to ask the farmers directly...
  • Nick: I know someone in Ternaves with a kind heart.
  • Nick: We've fallen out before, seems he didn't understand what a donation was.
  • Nick: There is a shortcut south from here, in a cave. Go through there.
  • Nick: Oh, also, could you give this blanket to Margaret while you're down in the tunnel? Just follow the road behind me.

Stage 6[]

» Bring the blanket to the woman in the tunnel south of Nick.

898, 52, -1779
Wynncraft Map


  • Margaret: Oh, please don't move me along. I have nowhere else to go!
  • Margaret: Oh, a blanket for me? How sweet... From Nick, you say? He's always so kind... Thank you, as well.
  • Margaret: If you want to get to Ternaves quickly, just keep going through this tunnel. Some unfriendly homeless folks live around here too, so be careful. It's so sad, their state.

Stage 7[]

» Continue the tunnel and find Nick's friend.

780, 70, -1617
Wynncraft Map


  • Reshad: Welcome to my farm! Looking to buy some of my fresh crops?
  • Reshad: Well, it seems you're out of luck. I've just sold the last of them from this harvest.
  • Reshad: It was all for that big Craftmas feast happening in Detlas. Wish I could help you out, but I'm fresh out of food to sell you.
  • Reshad: Wait, I bet Nick sent you, didn't he? Well, he's coming up on your left. Remind him that this isn't a charity.
  • Nick: Hey, <playername>! Any luck?
  • Nick: We can't get any food? We're running out of options here...
  • Nick: Well, there's only one person left that we can appeal to at this time of year.
  • Nick: Follow me.

Stage 8[]

» Explore the area and look for Santa.

Santa's Village
22834, 56, -9568


  • Elvura: Heya! I just finished decorating this christmas tree!
  • Elvura: Oh, you're looking for Santa?
  • Elvura: He is right down the stairs to the right.

Stage 9[]

» Enter Santa's home and speak to him.

Santa's Village
22801, 40, -9582


  • Santa: Nick... You know the deal.
  • Santa: The council all have their areas to care for. Yours is Almuj. How you care for it is your responsibility.
  • Nick: There's five times more homeless and hungry than last year!
  • Santa: Nick, I know times are tough there, but-
  • Nick: Tough?! It's impossible! What happened to people's good will? I had one volunteer this year! ONE!
  • Santa: I'm sorry Nick. You could go to Detlas and ask there, they have a feast big enough to feed an army!
  • Nick: Hmmm... Oh, sorry. I miscalculated your journey here. Good to see you.
  • Nick: I suppose you heard Santa and I. Our next location is Detlas.
  • Santa: Alright, that's settled then. Leave through the fireplace behind me, it will bring you directly to Detlas. Good luck, Nick.

Stage 10[]

» Leave through the portal behind Santa.

Stage 11[]

» Enter the ball room.
Note: You do not need a ticket to enter.

  • The portal brought you to Detlas, the ball must be nearby.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the location of the ball room.

The ball room entrance is by the airship dock building, at [423, 67, -1560].

Detlas Ballroom
10055, 33, 5297


  • Nick: Wow. The people here live in such grandure. I wonder if they know people are starving to the east.
  • Nick: Let's ask around for some donations.
  • Nick: More importantly, let's hope they'll share a trifle of food.

Stage 12[]

» Ask the guests for food.

Detlas Ballroom
9991, 21, 5297


  • Server: What are you doing here?
  • Server: This event is invite-only.
  • Server: You aren't even in a formal dress.
  • Server: What do you want?!
  • Server: Food? You want food? Does this look like a charity to you?
  • Server: Of course not! We have an obligation to feed our partygoers, not some poor scraps of men in the desert!
  • Server: Now get out of here before I call the security golems. And don't even think of stealing from the kitchen!

Stage 13[]

» Steal the food from the kitchen and talk to Nick.



  • Nick: Were you able to get any food?
  • Nick: You do?! I didn't expect them to be so generous, a whole crate?
  • Nick: ...
  • Nick: Oh...
  • Nick: Stealing is not in the christmas spirit... But I think I can make this work.
  • Nick: Go on ahead. I have a plan. Don't worry, I'll return all this food.

Stage 14[]

» Escape the ball with Nick.



  • Nick: Listen up everyone!
  • Nick: I know you are hungry. Because I am too.
  • Nick: But your dinner will not be served tonight.
  • Nick: There will be no Craftmas feast this year!
  • Guest: You can't do that!
  • Guest: The food on the table isn't enough to feed everyone here!
  • Nick: This one night, this one missed meal.
  • Nick: This is how thousands of people live every day.
  • Nick: Hungry, wondering when the food will be available.
  • Nick: And while you sit there with empty stomachs be thankful for what you have. Spare a thought for those who have not.
  • Nick: Hundreds of men, women and children, just like you, will not eat tonight, at all.
  • Nick: All because this enormous feast was not enough. Detlas bought all the food, cheap or expensive.
  • Nick: I'm here to remind you the real meaning of this day. To think of others..
  • Nick: I will return your meal tonight, but while you eat it... I want you to remember every empty mouth it could have fed.
  • Nick: Share what you have, be thankful for what you are given.
  • Guest: ...

You will then be teleported to Almuj.



  • ???: Well, looks like you came through yet again Nick.
  • Santa: I came to see if I could help out. But it looks like you've done it.
  • Santa: Well, I guess there is only one thing left to do to complete this scene.
  • Santa: Hope you all have a merry craftmas. Ho-ho!

Santa will cast a spell, making it snow temporarily.

Stage 15[]

» Talk to Nick.



  • Nick: It looks like my little speech brought the rich back down to earth.
  • Nick: They gave us half of their feast. Can you believe they still had leftovers?
  • Nick: All of that food, going straight to waste.
  • Nick: They have no idea what they have, compared to these poor folks.
  • Nick: You might be wondering why I know Santa. Well, he's my brother.
  • Nick: Me and my siblings take care of people at Craftmas. My area is the Almuj desert. I guess you could call me Sanda Claus, heh.
  • Nick: It's people like you that keep the real meaning of this holiday alive. It gets harder every year as the meaning is distorted. Here is a personal gift from me. Thank you.


  • Using a movement spell or riding a horse through the large cavern before Santa's Village can help you avoid the dangerous falling icicles.


  • The Santa Boots could be obtained as a reward from the quest during the 2016 Wynnter season.
  • The name "Nick" likely refers to Saint Nick, another name for Santa Claus.
  • The NPC Salath is an anagram of Thalassophile, a former Wynncraft Elite Builder.
  • The NPC Kamoth is an anagram of Thomka, a Wynncraft Grand CMD.
  • The NPC Retarc is an anagram of CraterHater, who was a Wynncraft Elite CMD.
  • This quest is somewhat the replacement of Craftmas Quest, a quest that was only available during Wynnter 2013, and both quests share some similarities, such as being around the same level range, and both are started in Almuj.