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Memory Paranoia
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Caritat Mansion
Province Gavel
Combat Level 67
Starter NPC Atisun
Reward As follows:

Memory Paranoia is a long level 67 quest that takes place in Caritat Mansion.


In the ruins of the Caritat Mansion, the remainder of the Caritat family that lived there has come down to one: Atisun. Standing in front of the mansion, he awaits the player who helps him to figure out his family's past.

Stage 1[]

» Speak to Atisun.

Caritat Mansion
-1192, 46, -5198
Wynncraft Map


  • Atisun: Oh, a human? If I could beg your pardon a moment...could I talk to you about the mansion here?
  • Atisun: It was not always so dilapidated. It once stood tall, a monument to the family of Caritat, who constructed it from the ground up.
  • Atisun: The Caritats were unlike any other. Uncharacteristically selfless and helpful. Their wealth was everyone’s wealth as far as they were concerned.
  • Atisun: But... Eventually... Erm, we’re not entirely sure what happened, only rumours have surfaced over the years, but...things took a turn, shall we say.
  • Atisun: Because, aah...how shall I put this... One day they were all...discovered dead. Murdered. By each other.
  • Atisun: I am the last remaining descendant, Atisun Caritat. I was the only survivor of the... incident. I was only an infant when I was found by a passerby.
  • Atisun: Since, erm...since there was no one alive to report the incident, it wasn't discovered until days later when a traveller passing by took notice of the mansion.
  • Atisun: I do not believe that my family simply went mad, but I do not know what happened. I want to know the truth. I think this mansion still holds the answers I'm looking for.
  • Atisun: Yet, I am...scared of this place. It is the ruins of the life I should have had. The spirits of the dead are still there...cursed. I need someone else to uncover my heritage.
  • Atisun: Don't you worry, like my ancestors, I'm a generous man. If you help me, I will reward you handsomely. All you have to do, is go in there and find answers. I'm sure the past won't haunt us both.

Stage 2[]

» Enter the Caritat Mansion.

Stage 3[]

» Learn the story of the Caritat Family.

Dialogue: Talking to various people around the room:

  • Check: This check is made out to a charity for a lot of emeralds.
  • Maid: It's so nice that the Caritats are donating all of these supplies to the struggling people in the forest.
  • Mr. Caritat: He seems to be very engrossed in his writing.

Talking to the Maid next to Timmy Caritat:

  • Maid: I've heard about weird things happening around the house. People are saying the mansion might be haunted!
  • Servant: Ghosts? Preposterous! This mansion isn't haunted, don't believe those silly rumors!
  • Timmy: G-g-ghosts?

Talking to the Servant next to Timmy Caritat:

  • Servant: Mister Caritat is always writing in that book, always so intensely. I wonder what he is writing.
  • Timmy: He won't even tell me what he's writing.
  • Maid: I'll bet he's writing insults about us. He can't be as nice as he appears.

Talking to Timmy Caritat (Updates the Quest Book):

  • Timmy: I accidentally dropped my Library Key down the drain, do you think my dad will be angry?
  • Maid: No, Mister Caritat is very forgiving. I doubt he'd be upset, especially if it was an accident.
  • Timmy: I still want to find the key though, do you know where I should look?
  • Servant: Well, the drainage pipes have probably taken the key to the basement in the southeast corner of the mansion by now, that's most likely where it is.

Stage 4[]

» Enter the basement and recover the Library Key.

Dialogue: (opening the Library Door)

  • Using the Library key, you open the lock. You may now use this door.

Stage 5[]

» Enter the library of Caritat Mansion.

Butler's Journal: It appears that all of the pages have been torn out...

  • Page 1: Today was my first day as the butler for the Caritat family. They gave me quite a warm welcome. I think I'm going to like it here.
  • Page 2: The Caritats are as nice as people say. They're some of the kindest people I've ever met, let alone work for.
  • Page 3: That Timmy boy has been acting rather unusual lately... Uncharacteristically hostile. I wonder what's come over him.
  • Page 4: I've been hearing strange noises at night. Scratching, and sometimes yelling...I do hope nothing bad is going on.
  • Page 5: I don't even know how this happened, but Timmy performed dark magic. He shot a fireball! The north wall of the library was wrecked! (Updates the Quest Book)
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
WanderingMemory.png Wandering Memory 70 3000 Melee AI - ✹ Weak
❋ Dam
❋ Def
- Caritat Mansion
LamentofSorrow.png Lament of Sorrow 69 2600 Melee AI - ✤ Weak
✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Caritat Mansion

Stage 6[]

» Enter the hole in the wall.

-1535, 17, -8068


  • You begin to experience visions of how this charred hole came to be...
  • Mister Caritat: Timmy, is something bothering you? You have been acting so weird lately.
  • Timmy: You cannot command me, mortal! You and all of your inferior species will bow to the darkness!
  • Mister Caritat: I don't know what game you are playing, Timmy. But I will not stand for it any longer, snap out of it!
  • Timmy: You shall pay for your insolence, mortal!
  • Mister Caritat: Dark magic? What foul books have you been reading? And what's that in your hand?
  • Mister Caritat: Casting spells with a black spoon? I'm going to get rid of this foul thing!
  • Timmy: That is an item beyond you, mortal. Give it back to me this instant!
  • What's this spoon doing in the fireplace? Maybe you should bring it back to the Kitchen to find out where it came from.

Stage 7[]

» Return the spoon to the Kitchen.


  • Looks like there's a dinner party, and several residents of Gelibord have been invited! It appears Mr. Caritat is about to make an announcement.

Stage 8[]

» Listen to Mr. Caritat's announcement.


  • Mister Caritat: Attention, attention everyone! I have an announcement I'd like to make!
  • Mister Caritat: My son, Timothy, has just turned eighteen today.
  • Mister Caritat: Now, there have been a few slight hiccups over the years, but we've made it through mostly in one piece.
  • Mister Caritat: And I'd like to say, I'm very proud of him. To Timothy, a new man!
  • Timothy: Thank you very much, Dad, and everyone here. Here's to more years of health-
  • There seems to be something happening in the kitchen...
  • Mister Caritat: Please, everyone stay calm. I'm sure it's just the cooks spilling something...

Stage 9[]

» Enter the Kitchen.


  • Baker: Oh my god... what is that thing?!
  • Chef: Everyone out, now! We can't fight these things!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Nightmare(MemoryParanoia).png Nightmare 100 999999 BerserkRanged AI Heavy Charge
Heavy Teleport
Heavy Flamethrower
✦ Def - Caritat Mansion Kitchen
100px Strange Creature 80 3500 Berserk AI - - - Caritat Mansion Kitchen
100px Fleeing Chef 65 25 None AI - - - Caritat Mansion Kitchen
100px Fleeing Baker 65 25 None AI - - - Caritat Mansion Kitchen

Stage 10[]

» Exit the Kitchen.

Stage 11[]

» Speak to people who haven't fled from the disaster.


  • Mr. Caritat: My god...what is wrong with this place? No matter what I do, what I try...
  • Timothy: How was any of that even possible? What are we going to tell their families?
  • Mr. Caritat: ...Timothy, I'm going to ask you something, and I need you to answer me honestly. Were you...were you responsible for this?
  • Timothy: No, of course not! I overcame that years ago, you know that, I can't believe you still suspect me of-
  • Servant: Ah, sir, we did find something rather unusual in the kitchen that might interest you? Maybe?
  • Mr. Caritat: What- Out with it! What did you find?! Please, please tell me I'm wrong!!
  • Servant: We found this charred-looking black spoon. I've worked here for years, and I've never seen any spoons of this style in the mansion.
  • Timothy: Wait, that spoon? I remember sneaking into your study that one time to get it, but how did it survive the fire?
  • Mr. Caritat: Wait, you got it from my STUDY?! You...you idiot! Do you have any idea what you stupidly, yet inadvertently have done?! You must NEVER go in my study!!

Stage 12[]

» Unlock the Study.

The Study Key spawns on the table where Mr. Caritat and Timothy are. To get to the study, go up the stairs in the main hall and keep left, and it will be the first door on the right.


  • Using the Study Key, you open the lock. You may now use this door.

Mr. Caritat's Journal

  • Page 2: There is a dark power beyond our control within this mansion. There is no use trying to fight it.
  • Page 3: I felt like all of the skulls were watching me. I had to turn them all towards the fireplace.

Stage 13[]

» Enter the Study

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to opening the secret door.
There is a button on the wall in the fireplace.


  • There doesn't seem to be anything of interest in this room, although Mr. Caritat has some odd obsessions...

Stage 14[]

» Leave the Study.

Stage 15[]

» Speak with the Possessed Mr. Caritat.



Stage 16[]

» Leave the Study.


  • Dear Anton, the chandelier fell in the main hall. Please fix it as soon as possible.

Stage 17[]

» Bring the key to Timmy's bedroom.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Timmy’s Bedroom Key.
The key is in the fallen chandelier at the base of the stairs.


  • Looks like this key belonged to Timmy. How long has this been here? You should probably bring it back to his bedroom.
  • Using Timmy's Bedroom Key, you open the lock. You may now use this door.

Stage 18[]

» Enter Timmy’s bedroom.


  • Was that Timothy as a child? Must have been at an earlier time. Seems there's a hole where he scratched the wall, there might be something inside...

Stage 19[]

» Search Timmy's bedroom.


  • How did the Master Bedroom key even get in here? No matter, you ought to get this over to the Master Bedroom.

Stage 20[]

» Bring the key to the Master Bedroom.


  • Using the Master Bedroom Key, you open the lock. You may now use this door.

Stage 21[]

» Enter the Master Bedroom.


  • Mrs. Caritat: Harold, please...
  • Mrs. Caritat: Stop this madness...
  • Mrs. Caritat: Harold...?
  • Mr. Caritat: SO THAT HE...
  • Mr. Caritat: ...MAY RISE AGAIN!
  • The entire mansion is on fire! The only exit is through the large door at the back!

Stage 22[]

» Escape the flaming mansion through the back door.

Stage 23[]

» Navigate the Caritat's basement.


  • Looks like you've fallen into the basement. There must be a way out from here...

Stage 24[]

» Escape through the mysterious rift.


  • Caritat Senior: No, no! I said three feet left, you absolute...
  • Lari: Mr. Caritat! What are you doing?!
  • Caritat Senior: What are you doing here, Elf? You need proper equipment to be on this site-
  • Lari: Mr Caritat, you can't build a house here!
  • Caritat Senior: I can do whatever I like here, I bought the land.
  • Lari: You don't understand! This is where it came... this is where the darkness invaded!
  • Caritat Senior: Don't be preposterous. I'm building here to show the people that there's simply nothing to worry about!
  • Caritat Senior: Besides, even if there was something, now that Dullahan's gone, it'll go too.
  • Lari: What?! He wasn't the one causing all this, it was-
  • Caritat Senior: Well of course you would think that. You and him had some... history, didn't you?
  • Lari: I... Please, Mr Caritat. You don't understand what you're doing...
  • Caritat Senior: I am securing some prime real-estate right here. Oh... Perhaps that is why you're here?
  • Lari: What? No, I-
  • Caritat Senior: Trying to expand elven territories, are you?! Well, I'll be having none of that! Leave, before I have my men escort you!
  • Atisun: Hey! Human! Are you alright?! Please, calm down, quit flailing around, you're safe!

Stage 25[]

» Speak to Atisun.


  • Atisun: Oh thank goodness, you're back to us. I was so worried... er, you might not recall. Let me explain...
  • Atisun: It... it seemed like you were possessed. You stood in the hall for... I don't know how long. I couldn't snap you out of it, no matter what I tried.
  • Atisun: Voices that weren't yours, you spoke out their moments and thoughts. The maids, my father... everyone. I... you said what I needed to hear.
  • Atisun: My great grandfather, wanting to prove to everyone that the forest was still good, built his mansion atop the very spot that was acclaimed to be the cause of the Decay.
  • Atisun: My father tried to continue the traditions... but all of it was burned to ashes. I must consider myself lucky that I did not fall with them.
  • Atisun: And what emerged from that spot? Who knows... but, whatever it was... the darkness must have lingered, and drove them all to madness.
  • Atisun: I'm sorry you went through that ordeal... I would suggest seeing a healer as soon as possible.
  • Atisun: I will make sure no one enters this house again. It is cursed. Thank you for helping me.


  • Get a 2nd spoon before stage 7 for the ??? Quest.
  • The Library is on the north side of the first floor.
  • The Kitchen is on the south side of the first floor.
  • The Study Room is on the north side of the second floor.
  • Timmy's Bedroom is on the south side of the second floor.
  • The Master Bedroom is on the west side of the second floor.
  • The Back Door is on the east side of the second floor.
  • If you die in the kitchen (stages 9-10), redo the steps starting from entering the mansion othertherwise nothing will work.


  • The whole era in the mansion is a memory.
  • This quest was originally very different, the first version involved fighting the player's shadow which was created by a mirror.
  • With the release of 1.20, the quest was changed again. The fight against Atisun's corrupted father was removed, and the lore surrounding the manor was also changed, making it older and tying Lari in with its history.
  • This quest is claimed to be the favorite of Grian, one of the co-founders of Wynncraft.