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Mercenary Leader
NPC Mercenary Leader.png
NPC Info
X: -803 Z: -741
Location Jungle
Quest Involved Lost Royalty

The Mercenary Leader (or Franza) is the leader of a band of Mercenaries. While not aggressive, they are known to resort to theft and kidnapping in order to make a living.


-803, -741
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The Mercenary Leader, with his band of Mercenaries, inhabits a cave not far from the entrance to Troms, behind a small farm.


Festival of the Heroes[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Heroes.

First Dialogue:

  • Mercenary Leader: So there, young Sain! I have to say- as much I hated your badgering and begging...
  • Mercenary Leader: ...this festival really is a hoot! I'm glad you twisted my arm- but for the future... Oh, it's you again!
  • Mercenary Leader: You're the one who got me that ancient talisman! I see you're prospering after that adventure.
  • Mercenary Leader: Frankly, I didn't even realize that the prince wanted to join us until he told you himself.
  • Mercenary Leader: And I'm an honest man, really- so I'll entrust you with my name. It is Franza, so remember it!

Following Conversations:

  • Franza: Back again? Something you wished to discuss?
  • [1] "Any chance I'll receive payment for my work?" [1]
    • Franza: Oh, so my name wasn't enough? Fine, fine. The prince's enthusiasm has me in a good mood!
    • Franza: Here's a small cut of the spending money I've brought for this little outing. Since you did a valuable spot of work for us...
    • Franza: ...and it was, in the end, for nothing, since Sain wished to join of his own accord... I suppose you deserve this much.
    • [+2048 Emeralds]
  • [1] "How has the prince's training been?"
    • Franza: Honestly, I wasn't expecting him to have any kind of experience, but it seems the folks in the castle have some taste.
    • Franza: He had fencing experience, and all the energy of a rambunctious kid who hasn't quite hit his growth spurt yet!
    • Franza: Little Sain hasn't come close to knocking me down yet, but has the heart of a guildsman for certain.
    • Franza: When the day comes he can overpower me, he'll don his armor and truly become part of our modest establishment, hahah!
  • [2] "Aren't the guards after you?"
    • Franza: Funny you should mention that. This absolute mouse of a man, Yavlis- He came to the hideout shortly after you left.
    • Franza: I wasn't going to let him near the prince, but the boy insisted they talk. You'd just gotten me the talisman, so I allowed it.
    • Franza: Turns out the two were fairly close. With the kid's energy I wouldn't have expected it! They settled things amongst themselves.
    • Franza: Yavlis gave us his blessing as the king's advisor, so as far as I'm aware, the prince is legally in our care.
    • Franza: Hahah, thinking back to that day, watching Yavlis slip into the grotto between the cave entrance and our hideout on the way out, that was hilarious!
  • [3] "How long have you led this mercenary band?"
    • Franza: A fine question! While I'm not a descendant of the ol' Saunny boy himself, I am a descendant of one of the original Sodeta mercenaries.
    • Franza: It's been a good long fifty-one years. Took on the duties at a young age just as Tisaun did and never looked back.
    • Franza: I've got to set a good example, after all! We sell out to the highest bidder and lay down our lives to protect our assignment.
    • Franza: As far as I'm concerned, I'll stop when I'm dead! Sain will make a fine successor.
  • [4] "You have an amazing beard."
    • Franza: Hundred brushstrokes each night! You'd do well to scratch that tip on the back of your eyelids, should you start growing one out.


  1. This option disappears after it has been selected.