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Misadventure on the Sea
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Nemract
Province Wynn
Combat Level 28
Starter NPC Barman
Reward As follows:

Misadventure on the Sea is a long level 28 quest added in the 1.19 update.


Honip talks to the player in a bar and offers to take them on an adventure at sea, on his own private boat.

Stage 1[]

» Visit the Nemract bar at [114, 40, -2176]

118, 40, -2172
Wynncraft Map


  • Barman: Hello there soldier! What can I get you?
  • Honip: I'll take 2 Nemract Whiskeys. One for me, one for this chap.
  • Barman: You got it.
  • Honip: So... I've seen ya around town. I saw how happy that guy was when you brought him some journal.
  • Barman: 2 Nemract Whiskeys, coming up!

The barman will place both whiskeys on the counter. You can drink yours by right-clicking it.

  • Honip: So... Soldier. Are ya up for sailin' the ocean with me? I got a fancier boat than that seaskipper!
  • Honip: I figured you'd be interested in explorin' the waters!
  • Honip: I'll wait for ya on the docks. Don't worry, ya can't miss the boat!

Stage 2[]

» Meet Honip at [103, 37, -2254]



  • Honip: There you are! Ready? Follow me, the boat's over here!
  • Honip: Look at this.. Magnificent! Much better than whatever the Seaskipper is using!
  • Honip: Well, what are you waiting for? Hop aboard!

Go on board Honip's ship.

  • Honip: Then it's settled, we're goin' on an adventure!
  • Honip: Buckle up, we got waves to catch.

A cutscene of a small version of Honip's ship on the ocean will play.

  • Honip: So... I should warn ya', this is actually my first time sailing...
  • Honip: It doesn't seem too difficult though, a little to the left...
  • Honip: Hmm, looks like we're not the only ones out on the water today.
  • Honip: They are a bit too head on, don't you think?
  • Honip: I'm trying to steer the ship but it's not budging...
  • Honip: That's unfortunate...
  • Honip: Unfortunate... For YOU!
  • You've been knocked out...
  • Sounds like you are being dragged around...

Right-click the small sign on the bed at [-3278, 47, 16379].



  • You pick up a small sign...
  • It reads: 'Behind you, idiot.'
  • Honip: Hey, you're finally awake.
  • Honip: I honestly, truly can't believe you fell for that. Let me sum it up for you...
  • Honip: Some extremely suspicious pirate comes up, offers you a drink, and leads you to his suspicious boat.
  • Honip: Any normal person would've turned back by then. But what do you do? You hop on! Well, now you're stuck with us.
  • Honip: Let me make this quick. This boat needs renovation, and we want you to do it.
  • Honip: Why? You're a soldier! All you do is take orders! Anyway, we'll need you to clean our stuff. Here, get out.

If you try to escape during Honip's dialogue:

  • Honip: Stay back!
  • Honip: I told you to stay back!
  • Honip: Alright, that's enough!

Honip throws a potion to stop you from moving.

Walk out of the cell.

  • [0/7] Bodies Cleaned
  • Honip: So, there's quite a few skeletons in there, and we never bothered throwin' them out!
  • Honip: Go ahead, here's a sponge for the dried blood as well. Just wack the skeletons with it!
  • [+1 Sponge]
  • Honip: If you need me, I'll be on the deck. And, uh, don't go in the hold. We've got a BIG rat problem.

If you tried to escape earlier:

  • Honip: Also, for the sake of my crew, could you be more cooperative? I don't have an unlimited amount of these potions.

Stage 3[]

» Clean the bodies in the boat. Look for clues on how to escape at the same time. -Bodies cleaned: #/7
Tip: Left-click the bodies with the sponge to clean them, but right-click the clues you find.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to other things you can do during this stage.
  • If you pick up the seeds at [-3280, 47, 16364], and find the chicken Snoo (Honip's pet chicken, as mentioned by one of the pirates) wandering the ship, you can tame it by right-clicking it with the seeds. It will then follow you around.
  • You can also tame Pep the dog by picking up the bone at [-3290, 49, 16376] and giving it to Pep at [-3287, 51, 16389]. Pep will then lead you down to the hold entrance, and change the dialogue of the pirate standing next to it.
Honip's Ship
-3285, 48, 16387


  • Pirate: Hey, so you're our personal guard, huh?
  • Pirate: Nice to meet ya!
  • Pirate: That ladder leads to the hold, but right now it's locked... We've got a severe case of rats.

If you tamed Pep:

  • Pirate: Pep is just a treasure, ain't I right? I'm glad you're taking care of him too!
Honip's Ship
-3287, 48, 16362


  • Pirate: Honip has a pet chicken, weird right?
  • Pirate: I bet he got inspiration from that weird guy on his island...

If you did Cluck Cluck before this:

  • Pirate: What? You murdered that guy's most prized chicken? You're an odd one, soldier.
Honip's Ship
-3284, 48, 16358


  • You take a look inside the furnaces...
  • There's nothing, except for...
  • An absurd amount of wood shavings, for some reason.
  • Pirate: Oh, uh... Don't worry about that, 'ay?
  • Pirate: That's our... fuel source.
Honip's Ship
-3283, 51, 16397


  • You find some notes on the table.
  • There's mentions of... A human cannon? How does that make sense?
  • Apparently, only gunpowder is needed, as well as a fuse.
Honip's Ship
-3279, 56, 16376

If you found the cannon notes earlier:

  • This cannon is aiming slightly upwards, and it seems less powerful than the others.
  • According to the notes you saw, it's probably the "human" cannon. This must be your escape route!
  • Seth: Oh, that's my cannon! Pretty cool, right? I made it using a bunch of arm- Nevermind...
Honip's Ship
-3288, 57, 16356


  • You pick up some notes.
  • There are mentions of a hidden key in the hold...
Honip's Ship
-3284, 61, 16356

If you tamed Snoo:

  • Honip: Oh, Snoo likes you!
  • Honip: He's a strong chicken alright, trust me on that one.
  • Honip: Anyway, get back to work!

Note: Most of the NPCs will have the same dialogues if you talk to them later in the quest, however, Honip's changes between stages, and Seth will hide and have the following dialogue after Stage 4:

Honip's Ship
-3281, 52, 16375


  • Seth: I'm just goin' to... Wait here... With my cannons...

Alternatively, you can avoid talking to anyone and taming any pets and simply clean up all 7 bodies, updating your quest book and triggering the following dialogue:

  • You cleaned the bodies! You should talk to Honip on the deck.

Stage 4[]

» Talk to Honip on the deck to get your next task

Honip's Ship
-3284, 61, 16356


  • Honip: Hey! The boat's lookin' real nice now!
  • Honip: I'll probably let you rest so- hold on.
  • Pirate: Ho-Honip! One of the guys said he saw something really weird coming right for us!
  • Honip: Wait... What? Soldier, come!
  • Honip: What's happening?!
  • Pirate: We-we don't know! We can't exactly see it, but it seems huge!
  • Honip: I- Let me see.
  • Honip: Uh... Where am I supposed to be looking at, exactly?
  • Pirate: I swear, it felt like the whole ocean was getting crazy a second ago!
  • Honip: If this is another one of your jokes...
  • Seth: LOOK OUT!

A small mob named "Osearer" will jump up onto the ship.

  • Seth: What the hell is that??
  • Honip: I don't know, this wasn't planned!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Osearer.png Osearer 50 Invulnerable Cutscene - ✽ Dam - Honip's Ship

Here there are three possibilities. You can cast 5 of any of your spells at the Osearer, just wait, or tame Snoo before getting to this stage. The quest will continue regardless of which one you choose, but Honip will have different dialogues for each one.



  • Honip: Soldier, now's your time to shine! Scare it off with one of your spells or something!
  • Honip: It's working! Do that again!
  • Honip: One more...
  • Honip: It's starting to panic!
  • Honip: That's right, get back!
  • Honip: I knew you had it in ya, haha!
  • Honip: What a show! Come, I've got some things to tell ya!

Talk to Honip again.

  • Honip: I don't know where that creature came from, but thanks to you it's gone.
  • Honip: I've got something else for you to tackle. It's about... the rats.
  • Honip: Come to the hold, I'll explain on the way.
  • Honip: I think we have quite a hellish problem on our hands.
  • Honip: I'm not sure what y'all find there, but these are NOT normal rats.
  • Honip: So please, get in there... and kill everything, alright?
  • Honip: I've got faith in ya. Here goes nothin'!



  • Honip: Soldier, now's your time to shine! Scare it off with one of your spells or something!
  • Honip: Just cast one of your fancy spells!
  • Honip: That was... Phew... That was something.
  • Honip: Now, for an even bigger surprise...
  • Honip: What the hell soldier?? What don't you get in the "soldier" part of your job?
  • Honip: Come, let's figure some things out.

Talk to Honip again.

  • Honip: You've been a massive disappointment, y'know?
  • Honip: But you can still redeem yourself.
  • Honip: Follow me, I'll explain on the way.
  • Honip: I mentioned a rat problem earlier... It's, uh, not a small one.
  • Honip: We've got gunpowder to retrieve, so you're the one who's gonna clear the hold.
  • Honip: So get in there... and try to kill everything, alright?
  • Honip: Don't be as bad as earlier. You're a soldier.

Snoo will walk up to the Osearer, fight it, and knock it off the ship.



  • Honip: What.
  • Honip: Well... That's a twist.
  • Honip: I expected you to do somethin', soldier, not him!
  • Honip: Anyway, come talk to me.

Talk to Honip again.

  • Honip: I have another task for you. It's about... the rats.
  • Honip: See, I really don't think we have your usual type of problem.
  • Honip: Come to the hold, I'll explain on the way.
  • Honip: We sometimes hear unusually load footsteps, along with some really eerie squeaking...
  • Honip: That's why we're not too fond of goin' in... But our gunpowder there! We need it, as pirates!
  • Honip: So, I need you to get in... and kill everything, alright?
  • Honip: Here goes nothing. Snoo, ya stay there!

Stage 5[]

» Explore the hold and kill the rats

In the hold you will find several small rats, ranging from level 25-28.
Note: If you die to the rats, you will respawn outside the ship, usually in Nemract, but you can go back to the ship and continue the quest by right-clicking the sign at [104, 35, -2282]. Additionally, your quest book will update to say "Go to the Nemract docks to go back to the boat at [104, 24, -2282]".

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Rat(Level25,95Health,MisadventureontheSea).png Rat 25 95 Melee AI - ✤ Dam - Honip's Ship's Hold
Rat(Level25,114Health,MisadventureontheSea).png Rat 25 114 Melee AI - ✤ Dam - Honip's Ship's Hold
Rat(Level25,140Health,MisadventureontheSea).png Rat 25 140 Melee AI - ✤ Dam - Honip's Ship's Hold
Rat(Level26,MisadventureontheSea).png Rat 26 200 Melee AI - ✤ Dam - Honip's Ship's Hold
Rat(Level28,MisadventureontheSea).png Rat 28 240 Melee AI - ✤ Dam - Honip's Ship's Hold

Once you killed them all, two bigger rats appear, called Giant Rat. These are level 30.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
GiantRat(MisadventureontheSea).png Giant Rat 30 850 Melee AI - - - Honip's Ship's Hold
GiantRat(MisadventureontheSea).png Giant Rat 30 650 Melee AI - - - Honip's Ship's Hold

Something's coming...

Stage 6[]

» Defeat the Colossal Rat in the hold

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ColossalRat(Phase1).png Colossal Rat
(Phase 1)
34 3500 Melee AI Charge - - Honip's Ship's Hold
ColossalRat(Phase2).png Colossal Rat
(Phase 2)
34 7200 Melee AI Multihit
- - Colossal Rat
(Phase 1)
Rat(Level25,140Health,MisadventureontheSea).png Rat 25 200 Melee AI - ✤ Dam - Honip's Ship's Hold
GiantRat(MisadventureontheSea).png Giant Rat 30 650 Melee AI - - - Honip's Ship's Hold

Once the colossal rat goes to its second phase, more smaller rats will spawn in as well, but not continuously, so if you kill them quickly you can focus on just the colossal rat.
After you kill the colossal rat, you can find a gunpowder crate and a cannon fuse in the room.
Additionally, a Dusty Key can be found in the hold at this point.

Honip's Ship's Hold
-3311, 25, 16382
  • [+1 Cannon Fuse]
Honip's Ship's Hold
-3332, 25, 16382
  • [+1 Gunpowder Crate]

Exit the room in the back.

Stage 7[]

» Use the gunpowder and the fuse to activate the cannon and escape
Note: Talk to Honip before you escape, or else you will not get your emerald rewards.

Honip's Ship
-3284, 61, 16356

Honip's dialogue here will change depending on which path you chose in stage three.



  • Honip: Hey there! Ya bringin' me good news?
  • Honip: You took care of these damn thieving rodents? A... colossal rat you say?
  • Honip: Nicely done, I knew I could count on ya! C'mere, take these!
  • [+2 Emerald Blocks]
  • Honip: Anyway, for now, you can go rest and do whatever you want!



  • Honip: Hey there! Ya bringin' me good news?
  • Honip: You took care of these damn thieving rodents? A... colossal rat you say?
  • Honip: Well, shiver me timbers! You did redeem yourself soldier!
  • Honip: Anyway, for now, you can go rest and do whatever you want!



  • Honip: Hey there! Ya bringin' me good news?
  • Honip: You took care of these damn thieving rodents? A... colossal rat you say?
  • Honip: That sounds absolutely terrifying! And ya did that alone! You know what, her', take these.
  • [+2 Emerald Blocks]
  • Honip: Anyway, for now, you can go rest and do whatever you want!

You must interact with the book at [-3283, 51, 16397] before you are able to properly interact with the cannon.
Once you have, right-click the cannon when nobody is watching to shoot yourself away.


  • You put the gunpowder in the cannon and attach the fuse...
  • Looks like it's fully functional. Make sure the pirates don't see you! Once you leave, you won't be able to come back.

If you get caught:

  • Pirate Guard: Hey! What do you think you're doin'?!

If you don't get caught:

  • You crawl into the cannon...
  • Honip: ...Seth? Have ya seen the soldier?
  • Seth: No, but they did a great job in the hold! Some gunpowder went missing though.
  • Seth: ...
  • Seth: Wait a minute.

The cannon fires and you fly away through the sky and land on a small island. On the way there, you will fly through a group of seagulls, which will damage you unless you avoid them.

Stage 8[]

» Find out where you are and a way to flee the island

-2876, 52, 16394
  • It's a coconut.
-2876, 56, 16393
  • It's a palm tree.
-2878, 50, 16396
  • You dig up some sand...
  • There's more sand.
  • Huh? Something's approaching off in the distance...
  • Looks like they're headed toward the island! Is that..?
  • Seaskipper Captain: 'ey there soldier! Looks like ya're in a bit of a pickle! How 'bout ya hop on?'

Get on the Seaskipper.



  • Seaskipper Captain: Well... We're headed for Selchar, the heart of the ocean! Which is safer than wherever you were, heh!
  • Seaskipper Captain: I was casually takin' a scenic detour when I saw you and your shiny equipment on that island.
  • Seaskipper Captain: So, ya gotta tell me what happened!
  • Seaskipper Captain: Oh, kidnapped by pirates I see! How unfortunate...
  • Seaskipper Captain: I guess that'll show ya, tryin' to avoid using good ol' seaskipper! I'm the only trustworthy one 'round here.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Well, I hope they weren't too bad with ya! Here, I'll make you travel to Selchar for free as compensation.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Anyway, I can see the shore off in the distance! Hang tight, we're almost there!

Optional Loot[]

In addition to the ship's standard questline, various items are scattered throughout the ship, including 2 Emerald Blocks that you can get from Honip before escaping if you fought off the Osearer or tamed Snoo.


  • It's possible to skip the first cutscene by talking to the barman then immediately leaving. If you stay, though, you can drink the Nemract whiskey the barman puts out.
  • It is better to fight the Osearer or tame Snoo before stage three than it is to do nothing, as it will make Honip be nice to you and he will give you two emerald blocks after you defeat the rats.
  • When playing as warrior or knight in the rat fight, using uppercut can get the rats stuck in the ceiling and make them impossible to kill, forcing you to reset the fight with /class, so it is better to try to avoid that spell.
  • If you die during the Quest, you can go back to the ship/island by going to the Nemract dock where you enter the ship with Honip, there will be a boat symbol on the docks that says "return to ship", right-click on it with an empty hand and it will return you to the ship.


  • The treasure room can be accessed from the room above it, using the ladders. The only secret is a sign labelled "Tomato Stash" on the side of a keg.
  • The name of the quest itself, and many other parts of it such as cleaning bodies with a sponge and the pirate on the crow's nest, are a reference to a 3-part video series also named "Misadventure on the Sea" made by CraftedMovie in 2012.
  • The jack 'o' lantern found under the small island may be a reference to the CraftedMovie skit "The Ocean", 2013.
  • The Nemract map in the map room is the only map to give a text prompt. The significance of this is unknown.
  • Rats can be occasionally be spotted under some of the decks.