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Mixed Feelings
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Corkus Docks
Province Corkus
Combat Level 87
Starter NPC Javen
Reward As follows:

Mixed Feelings is a long level 87 quest that introduces the player to the anti-tourist movement in Corkus.


The player must help the townsfolk out after a terrible, destructive attack brought on by the anti-tourist rebellion.

Stage 1[]

» Speak to Javen at the Corkus Docks.

Corkus Docks
-1413, 46, -2920
Wynncraft Map


  • Javen: Mo’in lad! We don’t get many Wynn folks round ‘ere.
  • Javen: Welcome to old Javen’s tavern, what can I do yer for?
  • Javen: Let’s see... I can give ya some of the islands “Old Cork” Brew..
  • ???: Seems like you are in luck today, adventurer.
  • ???: My day's been long, and you also look like you could do with a drink or two.
  • ???: There's no need to pay by yourself. Javen, we'll have two cups of the seasonal brew.
  • ???: Cheers!

Suddenly, you begin to feel very dizzy...

  • Javen: Everything alright, lad? Looking a bit pale...

Stage 2[]

» Talk to Javen.

Corkus Docks
-5867, 27, -2416


  • Javen: Oh by the mighty founders, everything is ruined!
  • Javen: YOU!
  • Javen: You did this! Yer mad in the head! Possessed or summet!
  • Javen: Yer seem fine now though. What got inter ye lad? You went berserk like!
  • Javen: It weren’t just here neither. You ran outta here and wrecked all sorts! You better go find the people you affected and apologise!

Stage 3[]

» Talk to the citizens around the docks. Note: You can talk to the citizens in any order, however, they will give clues in the same order no matter what.

-5881, 17, -2464


  • Corkus City Citizen: The whole aqueduct is ruined! The cities fresh water is just draining into the ocean...
  • Corkus City Citizen: Ah! It's you! Back to wreck the rest of the city's infrastructure?! You're meant to be a tourist!
  • Corkus City Citizen: Wait... Weren't your eyes red before? Were you ill? It was a bit scary.
  • Corkus City Citizen: Oh.. You don't even remember? Well.. If you want to help, I need it right now.
  • Corkus City Citizen: The system needs to be rebooted, which can only be done down in the sewers.
  • Corkus City Citizen: Kind of a design flaw if you ask me.. But if you go down that trap door, you will find it in the sewers!
-5892, 18, -2468

Walk through the tunnel, avoiding the sewer mobs.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SewerPurificationUnit.png Sewer Purification Unit 86 4000 Melee AI - - - Corkus City Sewers
ScrapScavenger.png Scrap Scavenger 86 4000 Melee AI - - - Corkus City Sewers
ConfusedCleaningUnit.png Confused Cleaning Unit 85 ??? Burst Ranged AI - - - Corkus City Sewers
-5324, 34, -2167

> Thank you for choosing CorkTech! Your company for a safe and trustworthy service. Powering up elevator...



  • Corkus City Citizen: You fixed it? Everything you broke? That's one hell of a twisted personality.
  • Corkus City Citizen: Corkus has been urging tourists and envoys from the other provinces to gain recognition.
  • Corkus City Citizen: There are others that blame any outsiders for the problems of the islands.. They say they are patriots.. but honestly...
  • Corkus City Citizen: They are just awful people. They want to do anything to make non Corkians look bad.
  • Corkus City Citizen: If I were you, I'd better start asking around to find out more about that!

Stage 4[]

» Speak to the other citizens around the docks.

-5835, 16, -2463


  • Corkus City Citizen: It’s THEM! Someone call the authorities! It’s the one who set my house on fire.
  • Corkus City Citizen: How could you do this and just come back all calm like? You were screaming your head off!
  • Corkus City Citizen: My house is still burning! Wait… You say you don’t have any memory of any of this?
  • Corkus City Citizen: Look, if you’re serious, you have a chance to help make it better.
  • Corkus City Citizen: There are valuables in a chest in there you must save before the whole place burns to the ground, get going!

A timer will start once you enter the house. If it finishes before you reach the chest, you will be pushed out of the house, and the following dialogue will play:
You manage to rescue yourself, but it seems like you were too slow this time.

-5835, 29, -2478

Parkour up the wooden beams and structures in the citizen's house to reach the chest. Once you do, if the timer has not finished, the following dialogue will play:
You manage to reach the chest safely, getting ready to jump through a hole the fire burned.
You will then be pushed back outside the house; return and talk to the citizen.



  • Corkus City Citizen: You did it! So you weren't lying? Ugh, I guess you might just be trustworthy.
  • Corkus City Citizen: You know about the 'patriots' of Corkus?
  • Corkus City Citizen: Well this kind of maneuver is right up their alley.. It certainly made you look bad!
  • Corkus City Citizen: Now that you bring it up, I did hear a group of Corkians quietly discussing something about framing tourists.
  • Corkus City Citizen: I have no idea how they would make you do something against your will though...

Stage 5[]

» Talk to the final victim of your rampage.

-5807, 16, -2421


  • Corkus City Citizen: Came back to wreck the rest of my work have you? Why aren't you all insane looking?
  • Corkus City Citizen: So now your story is you were not in control? It's easy to believe. You were mad!
  • Corkus City Citizen: I don't know if you have some kind of condition.. but if you want to help, I need it to clean up the mess you made.
  • Corkus City Citizen: I need to replace all the cargo you destroyed.
  • Corkus City Citizen: All you gotta do is get those crates here and put them back on the boats. The limit is 100 for each boat, not more not less!
  • Corkus City Citizen: Some weights might not be needed, but be careful, I don't wanna go diving after you.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to possible crate combinations.
Weight combinations:
95 + 5
37 + 13 + 50
57 + 43

It seems like all crates are balanced now.



  • Corkus City Citizen: You did it? ... -I mean, at last. Eh... I guess I was too fast with my judgement for once.
  • Corkus City Citizen: Hmm… As it happens I have seen some strange things around here.
  • Corkus City Citizen: During the night I saw something moving across the cliffs.. Looked like a personal balloon.
  • Corkus City Citizen: It wouldn't have been out of the ordinary except there are occasional blood trails leading from the balloon...
  • Corkus City Citizen: If you really want to approach these people… I guess all you would need to do is follow the trail of blood.
  • Corkus City Citizen: Can't say I recommend it but the trail starts near the aqueduct.

Stage 6[]

» Follow the trail of blood and board the airship.
The trail starts at (-5868, 22, -2461). Parkour up, following the red carpets, to reach an airship landing platform.
It seems like the only way to get to the cliff on the other side is this airship, and the fire probably rendered it unusable... or did it?
Enter the airship and press the button near the center to activate it.

Stage 7[]

» Explore the cliff base.

  • Rensa: Why are you here? I don't mean here and now, I mean why are you on our island?
  • Rensa: You have of course found yourself in front of me because you were a pawn in our attempts to save this nation.
  • Rensa: I suppose I should apologize, but truth is you are the reason for this movement. Not you personally... but your people.

Walk to the end of the Corkian Separatist Hideout to open a door and continue the dialogue.



  • Rensa: You... Look at yourself. You fight in a war you did not cause. You come from a land you don't even remember.
  • Rensa: We ask ourselves why would we invite people from two lands of sin. Invite a nation of warring travellers and a nation of greedy merchants to our doors?
  • Rensa: The Corkian people are above such mundane capitalism and brutality. We work as a nation to better all.
  • Rensa: You have been a pawn your entire existence on this world. The worst part is you don't even know it.
  • Rensa: Do you, for example - Know the name of your ultimate enemy? The reason for the war on your land?
  • Rensa: No? Didn't think so. I have no time for this. You served your purpose, even if you did try and redeem your barbaric behaviour... Kill him!

Stage 8[]

» Fight and evade the waves of mobs until the timer runs out.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ManipulatedCorkian.png Manipulated Corkian - - - - - - Corkian Separatist Hideout
EnragedCorkian.png Enraged Corkian 87 1000000 Melee AI - - - Corkian Separatist Hideout
FanaticAssistant.png Fanatic Assistant 86 6400 Melee AI Slowness, Multihit - - Corkian Separatist Hideout


  • Rensa: Tougher than I expected. You don’t mind if I interfere a bit, do you?
  • Rensa: Hmph.
  • Rensa: You may have won this fight, but you are still the loser in this situation.
  • Rensa: Your eyes are still closed to the greater picture of it all. Corkus is the only place safe from it. I will make sure of it!
  • Rensa: There are still greater things in motion as we speak. Plans that will secure this island's safety.
  • Rensa: Fruma.. Gavel.. Wynn… It’s all a joke. We all sit on the cusp of this reality, fighting only the prelude to the real war.
  • Rensa: This is our farewell. I must depart before the short sighted government arrive. Good Luck with your struggle.

After witnessing your crash into the cliff, Corkian citizens informed the government.
Shortly after your victory security forces found the hideout and arrested the remaining separatists.
Their leader was nowhere to be found.

Stage 9[]

» Speak to Javen.

Javen's Upper Bar
-1383, 70, -2849
Wynncraft Map


  • Javen: Now look who we got over ‘ere! We were all wondering if you'd ever wake up.
  • Javen: Sorry we ever doubted ye. Weren't fair of us. What you drank was a rare brew designed to enrage and berserk someone.
  • Javen: Basically, it weren't yer fault lad. We never knew some Corkians were so closed minded.
  • Javen: Anyways! Look at what we got, thanks to you I acquired this little place!
  • Javen: By means of reparations have this on me. Yer always welcome round here.


  • The name of the main antagonist, 'Rensa', is a partial anagram of the poison 'Arsenic'.


  • Don't attempt to kill the Enraged Corkian in Stage 8, he has too much health. You can outrun him with a fast enough horse or by using movement and crowd-control spells.