Wynncraft Wiki

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Mob AI or AI for short is a set pattern of behaviors by mobs towards the player or other mobs.


  • Melee: Follows player to do melee attack. (Contact damage)
  • Ranged: Follows player to do ranged attack. (Projectiles)
  • Berserk: Attacks everything nearby, except other Berserks. (Contact damage)
  • BerserkRanged: Attacks everything, except other BerserkRanged. (Projectiles)
  • BurstRanged: Shoots 10 projectiles at once like a shotgun blast towards player. (Projectiles)
  • RapidRanged: Shoots 5 projectiles quickly before attackrate delay is factored in. (Projectiles)
  • Crawl: Move towards player for 1.5-2 seconds, then stop for 1.5-2 seconds. (Contact damage)
  • Charge: Charges directly towards player for 1.5 seconds, going past and then turning around, like a rushing bull. (Contact damage)
  • Jumper: Like melee, but will jump all the time. (Contact damage)
  • JumperRanged: Like Ranged, but will jump all the time. (Projectiles)
  • Support: Like protect, only they follow other mobs instead and attack you. Will not follow other supports. (Projectiles)
  • Retreat: Will attack normally, but acts Scared whenever hit for 2-3 seconds. (Contact damage)


  • None: Only wanders around and idles. If a mob does not move, it is still a None AI mob but with its speed set to 0.
  • Look: Similar to None AI, but will look at the player if they get close.
  • Scared: Will always run away from player.


  • Neutral: Won't attack until attacked first. (Contact damage)
  • NeutralRanged: Won't attack until attacked first. Glitched slightly as it automatically shoots a projectile each time they are hit ignoring normal attack rate. (Projectiles)


  • Guard: Guards and attacks aggressive mobs getting into their vision, then go back to their spot. (Contact damage)
  • GuardRanged: Same as guard, but ranged. (Projectiles)
  • Ally: Similar to guard, but has no specific spot to return to and will just wander. (Contact damage)
  • Protect: Will follow a player and attack hostile mobs if they get close.(Contact damage)