Mobs are living creatures in the game. When you hit it and it's killable, a health bar will pop up for five seconds, if you don't hit it again then it will continue to display the mobs name. The difficulty to kill a mob is based on the level that's displayed over the killable mobs. Mobs in Wynncraft will also regenerate a portion of health after ten seconds. 


Zombies are the first mob that you may encounter in the game. There are zombies from level 1 to 64. They are Close Combat warriors. They deal quite alot of damage.

Zombie lv. 1(Has Pumpkinhead Variation) Health: 100

Bob The Zombie lv.1 (Rare mob, drops Bob's tear) Health: 100

Zombie lv.3  Health: 180

Zombie lv.5  Health: 240

Zombie lv.7  Health: 330

The Undead lv.9 (MiniBoss)  Health: 780

Zombie lv.10  Health: 350

Zombie lv.13  Health: 430

Zombie lv.17  Health: 540

Zombie lv.19  Health: 620

Sayleros' Brother lv.22 (Grave Digger Quest Boss)  Health: 1550

Zombie lv.25  Health: 950

Dungeon Zombie lv.26  Health: 1050

Dungeon Zombie lv.33  Health: 1500

Charon lv.38 (Zombie Dungeon Boss)  Health: 3600

Phantom Zombie lv.40 (Invisible)  Health: Not confirmed

Snow Zombie lv.45  Health: Not confirmed

Rotten Zombie lv.54  Health: Not confirmed

Rotten Zombie lv.56  Health: Not confirmed

Dead Miner lv.61  Health: Not confirmed

Dead Miner lv.64  Health:Not confirmed



Zombie PigmenEdit

Zombie Pigmen can be found in the Pigmen Ravines, level 15 and 17. They are dealing quite high dmg and are quite fast.

Pigman lv.15  Health: 390

Pigman lv.17  Health: 500


Skeletons spawn from level 3 and above. Skeletons level 5 and higher can deal more knockback and more damage. They are dealing quite low damage, but they are long ranged and have very big knockback

Skeleton lv.3  Health: 80

Skeleton lv.5  Health: 130

Skeleton lv.7  Health: 240

Dungeon Skeleton lv.7  Health: 160

Dungeon Skeleton lv.9  Health: 530

Skeleton lv.13  Health: 280

Witch Skeleton lv.14  Health: 840

WitherHead lv.15 (Skeleton Dungeon Boss)  Health: 4400

Skeleton lv.19  Health: 310

Skeleton lv.23  Health: 370

Dungeon Bones lv.25  Health: 730

Tower Skeleton lv.27  Health: 700

Tower Skeleton lv.28  Health: 800

Desert Skeleton lv.32  Health: 740

The Mummy lv.42  ('The Mummy''s Wrath Quest Boss)  Health: 12500

Corrupter of Worlds lv. 100  (Temple of Legends Quest Boss)  Health: 100 000 000

Iron GolemEdit

Iron Golem spawns in 4 types: Guard Golem, Ruin Golem, Emerald Guard and another Emerald Guard

Guard Golem lv.25  Health: 3000

Ruin Golem lv.38  Health: 2500

Emerald Guard lv.50  Health: 12500

Emerald Guard lv.70  Health: 50000000


Silverfishes spawn mostly in the desert behind Almuj or in random locations like behind the PvP Arena at a weak level. They can be from level 1 to 70. They are Fast and Furious.

Silverfish lv.1  Health: 10

Temple Fish lv.18  Health: 360

Pit Fish lv.25  Health: 3780

Insect lv.27  Health: 220

Desertfish lv.30  Health: 780

Desertfish lv.33  Health: 8700

Desertfish lv.36  Health: 1020

Scarab lv. 37  Health: 1010

Scarab lv.40  Health: 1310

Corrupted lv.60  Health: 12500

Trained Corrupted lv.70  Health: 10000


Villagers can be hostile and friendly. You can usually find it in all towns of province Wynn.

Worthington lv.1  Health: 500000

Villager lv.5  Health: 500000

Witch lv.15  Health: 100000

Witch lv.18 (Maltic's Old Well Quest Boss)  Health: 2380

Angry Villager lv.24  Health: 900

Miner lv.25  Health: 500000

Sand-Witch lv.45 (Silverfish Dungeon Boss)  Health: 65000

Trainers lv.70 (Temple of Legends) Health: 1100


Slime spawns with high levels. They are Quite Dangerous mobs.

Magma Slime lv.52  Health: 3190

Jungle Slime lv.55  Health: 7600

Jungle Slime lv.57  Health: 8300