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Mummy's Tomb StructureIcon.png
The entrance to Mummy's Tomb
Coordinates X: 1049, Z: -2296
Suggested Level 36
Involved Quests Wrath of the Mummy
Type/Biomes Desert
Monsters Tomb Locust Level 35
Cursed Locust Level 38
Bandit Thrall Level 36
Cursed Thrall Level 38
Infesting Thrall Level 38
Boss Mummy Level 42
Battle 55
Puzzle 35
Parkour 10
Uses Quest
Requirements Wrath of the Mummy
Block of Pink Wool

NOTE: The location is not an official dungeon, however, because of the similiarities with some of the dungeons (boss at the end, combination of battle, puzzle and parkour) template and overall page style is the same as the one of the dungeons.


The Mummy's Tomb is an area/dungeon located in the Desert of Almuj where most of the Wrath of the Mummy quest takes place. In order to enter, the player must have started the Wrath of the Mummy quest and have a Block of Pink Wool to give to the Bandit NPC at the entrance.


This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The First Phase[]

Once you have entered Mummy's Tomb, you will be presented with a door with several item frames on it. These require you to place gems in them in the correct order in order to progress to the next room.

Around the tomb in each corner are statues with the colours of the respected gem each mob holds. In the centre of each statue is an orange block, right-clicking this block opens the statue and spawns a level 40 Mummy.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the code for the door.

Defeating each mob provides you with the gems to progress to the next room.

The correct order is:

  • 1st: Blue
  • 2nd: Purple
  • 3rd: Red
  • 4th: Yellow

The Second Phase[]

In the second room there are optional mobs to kill. However, destroying the sand pile in front of the door causes it to open and allowing you to continue to the third.

The Third Phase[]

Upon leaving the second room you will be met with a large amount of Tomb Locusts and Cursed Thralls leading up to the third room that contains parkour.

The Fourth Phase[]

Once you have completed the parkour you are met with a hallway, at the end of which contains a doorway that teleport's you to the boss room. The Mummy boss has high health and a ranged attack proving to be quite difficult to those unequipped for the task. Once defeated the Mummy drops The Mummy's Bandage the item needed to complete the quest.