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Murder Mystery
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Cinfras Suburbs
Province Gavel
Combat Level 73
Starter NPC Captain Lorias
Reward As follows:

Murder Mystery is a medium level 73 quest based in the Cinfras Suburbs.


Captain Lorias, a member of the local police force, is attempting to locate and capture the culprit who murdered Eminar.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Captain Lorias.

Cinfras Suburbs
-590, -4956
Wynncraft Map


  • Captain Lorias: Stand back, human! This is a crime scene, under my authority. I cannot let you inside.
  • Captain Lorias: Although we are in need of some... assistance... and you are fairly experienced, are you not?
  • Captain Lorias: Well, straight to the point... do you think I might be able to hire you as a private investigator?
  • Captain Lorias: To put it bluntly, the owner of this house, Eminar, was murdered a few days ago, and what few leads we had have all gone cold.
  • Captain Lorias: This is acting outside protocol, of course... but if you manage to catch the killer, I'm sure I could pull some strings and pay you for your work!
  • Captain Lorias: I'll just grant you access to the crime scene. Head inside the house, and see if you can find anything helpful.
  • Captain Lorias: My soldiers and I will keep watch outside the house, and make sure you're not disturbed. Be careful in there!

Stage 2[]

» Investigate the crime scene for clues.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the clues.
Follow the blood trail, from the north-east side of the house, to the tree. There will be a letter telling you to go to House No. 09 in Cinfras and is addressed to Rohem.
House 09
-486, -4974
Wynncraft Map


  • Rohem: Ah, a human! A refreshing sight these days. You've come to see me, I presume? What brings you here?
  • Rohem: An investigation!? Eminar? That's... that's absurd. I've done nothing wrong.
  • Rohem: Still, the poor man. Eminar and I were good friends, you know. If it could help find his killer, I may have some information for you... strictly off-record, of course...
  • Rohem: Well. You see, there's an underground gambling den hidden in the city's sewers. Only the elite can get in, and Eminar happened to be a frequent visitor.
  • Rohem: Once, he even brought me along with him.
  • Rohem: Eminar, though, he often tried to cheat the other gamblers. I suppose it was only a matter of time before they had enough; most do not take cheating lightly.
  • Rohem: Back to the point, many of them, including poor Eminar, had a symbol built into the sides of their homes, shaped like a bat. A proof of membership, you could say.
  • Rohem: If you can find it, it will show you the way to get into the sewers. I'm sorry, I would tell you more if I knew more. But good luck with your investigation, sir.

Stage 3[]

» Return to the victim's house to find a bat symbol.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to location of the bat symbol.
-589, -4983
Wynncraft Map
The button next to the bat symbol (wither skeleton skull) uncovers a sign, directing you to House 12 in Cinfras.

Stage 4[]

» Find the gamblers in the Cinfras sewers.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the color puzzle.
To get into the sewers, press the stone button on the side of the counter in House 12. To open the colored doors, put something on the corresponding color plate. Once you enter the green door, there will be two colored doors, blue and yellow. The yellow and red doors inside the green door respond when the corresponding plates have their item removed.


  • Valimare: How did ya find us down 'ere? I don't remember you... you're with the police, aren't ya? Here after Eminar, I suppose?
  • Valimare: Yeah, we've 'eard about what happened to him. Murders don't happen every day up there, ya know. And as it happened, I saw Eminar down here, not too long ago...
  • Valimare: Well... as long as I get a guarantee I won't be shut down, I'll help ya. This is a very profitable place, as I'm sure ya might've guessed.
  • Valimare: He was brought down here by his friend one day. Rohem, it was. A fine customer, you understand. Never failed to pay his dues...
  • Valimare: But the day he brought Eminar 'round, though, it got ugly fast. Kept borrowing Rohem's emeralds and losing, till neither of em had anythin' left.
  • Valimare: It was a good day for me, for obvious reasons, don'cha see! But Rohem was furious. Dead drunk, too, but what else is new!
  • Valimare: Neither of 'em has been back since, though in Eminar's case, I can see why! And I hope that's enough for ya, 'cause that's all I got.
  • Valimare: Now get out of 'ere; there's a back exit in the wall over there. Though, if ya ever fancy a game of 'jack, come back'n we'll be happy to serve ya!

Stage 5[]

» Confront Rohem about the murder at house N.09 in Cinfras.


  • Rohem: Ah... you again! You're back. I see that. I must admit, I did not expect you to return... so soon...
  • Rohem: You really did find your way down there? Oh, that's... excellent... I hope the investigation is going well. Now if you'll just leave me be-
  • Rohem: Valimare? Bah! Why would you trust anything he says? He's a criminal! A scam artist! I mean, I did direct you to him, but...
  • Rohem: He- He's the one you should be arresting. Eminar was a danger to society, got what he deserved, the fool-
  • Rohem: Wait! No! Don't turn me in! Can't you let me finish my drink in peace? Get out, get out, you can't prove anything!
  • Rohem: I'll be coming for you next, human. Mark my words, when I get out of prison... I mean- eugh...
  • Rohem: Hey, hands off! I'll come along when I'm finished here. Along with my lawyer! What has society come to these days...
  • Rohem: And don't you dare go searching through my things! Stay away from my room! Remember, 'officer', you still have no proof that I've done anything, besides the word of a criminal.

Stage 6[]

» Acquire the murder weapon in Rohem's room, and talk to Captain Lorias to claim your reward.


  • Captain Lorias: What's that, have you made any more progress? This killer needs to be caught as soon as possible-
  • Captain Lorias: Oh, you've found him? Really? Well, this is- this is better than I could have hoped for! And you've even found the weapon? This has to be enough to secure the case.
  • Captain Lorias: I'll be sending my men out right away to apprehend him. Thank you so much for your service to the people of Cinfras, traveller!
  • Captain Lorias: And as proof of our gratitude, take some of my own emeralds. You may have saved a dozen more lives, you deserve such a reward!


  • Stage 3: The bat symbol can be found on the east side of the house. When pressing the button it will reveal the numbers 1 and 2, which means house No.12.
  • As an archer in stage 4, you can shoot explosive arrows through the iron doors and make them bounce back on the wall on the opposite side, thus pressing the button above the door and opening it.


  • The Bat symbol could be a nod to the Shadow mark relating to the Thieves Guild From The Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim.