Wynncraft Wiki

In Wynncraft, music, composed of noteblocks, can be heard in certain areas or situations during your adventure. The following is a list of all known music and their locations.

Territorial Music[]

These songs play in certain areas of the Wynncraft map.

Wynn Province[]

Name Length Location Composer(s) Web Link
Luxury of the Cease-Fire 1:55 Ragni Salted Here
Sheltered Settlement 3:28 Ravine Village XavierEXE Here
The Binding Alliance 2:50 Maltic Needlr Here
Triumphant Citadel 3:38 Detlas Salted, XavierEXE Here
Understated Pride 1:25 Elkurn Needlr, Selvut283 Here
Muddy Outlook 2:31 Nemract Salted Here
Saddle Up 2:31 Ternaves Needlr, Selvut283 Here
Sacred Hospitality 1:55 Bremminglar Needlr Here
Jewel of the Desert 2:31 Almuj Needlr Here
Shady Deals Abounding 2:33 Rymek SageBuilds Here
Snowdrifts Billowing 3:00 Nesaak Needlr Here
Frozen Waltz 2:23 Lusuco XavierEXE Here
Harmonic Tradition 2:13 Iboju Village abiswas Here
Wynn's Shining Fortress 3:09 Troms Needlr Here
Epic Wynn 4:25 Ragni Outskirts Needlr Here
Adventure 3:38 Emerald Trail Salted Here
Forest Dance 4:30 Nivla Woods Salted Here
Warrior Adventure 4:30 Maltic Plains Needlr Here
Fresh Breeze of Salt 3:47 Coastal Trail XavierEXE Here
Military March 3:36 Pigmen's Ravine Selvut283 Here
In The Little Wood 5:03 Little Wood, Temple of the Legends Needlr Here
Remnants of the Past 3:19 Time Valley Selvut283 Here
Quiet Beginnings 2:12 Detlas Suburbs Salted Here
Unfamiliar Lands 4:06 Nemract Swamp Needlr Here
Defiled Sanctity 2:26 Saint's Row Salted Here
Yearning for the Days of Glory 2:42 Ancient Nemract XavierEXE Here
Black Road Nostalgia 1:53 Black Road Salted Here
Ballad of the Trees 2:52 Savannah Salted, Selvut283 Here
Stirring the Sands 3:36 Almuj Desert Selvut283 Here
No Man's Land 2:31 Roots of Corruption XavierEXE Here
Mining Rhythms 2:32 Abandoned Mines Selvut283 Here
Sun-Stained Stones 2:55 Mesa Needlr Here
Icy Steps 3:00 Nesaak Forest Salted Here
Frozen Lands 3:09 Ice Canyon Needlr Here
The Great Race 1:53 Great Bridge abiswas Here
The Legend Begins 2:08 Troms Jungle Needlr Here
Uncivilization 3:47 Dernel Jungle Needlr Here

Gavel Province[]

Name Length Location Composer(s) Web Link
Monument of a New Land 4:43 Llevigar Needlr Here
Humble Beginnings 3:09 Bucie Selvut283 Here
Gray Skies, Dark Days 6:19 Olux Needlr Here
Lament of the Decay 3:12 Gelibord XavierEXE Here
Camaraderie 2:28 Efilim Selvut283 Here
No Place to Hide 3:51 Lexdale XavierEXE Here
Shining Citadel of the Allies 3:47 Cinfras Needlr Here
To The Sky! 2:36 Letvus Airbase Needlr Here
Horizon of the East 3:47 Aldorei Valley Needlr Here
The Hardiest of Souls 2:31 Thanos XavierEXE Here
Anthem of the Air Mage 3:33 Bantisu Air Temple XaiverEXE Here
Hard Work Alone 3:56 Thesead Needlr Here
Fine Work Together 3:09 Eltom XavierEXE Here
Pride, Progress, and Digging Holes 2:37 Rodoroc Needlr Here
Hideaway of the Stalwart 1:57 Maex XavierEXE Here
Standing on Thin Air 3:09 Kandon-Beda Needlr Here
City in the Sky 2:55 Ahmsord XavierEXE Here
Shanty of the Somber Sailors 3:47 Jofash Docks XavierEXE Here
Epic Gavel 3:47 Gavel Gate Needlr Here
Gavel Journey 5:00 Llevigar Plains Salted Here
Ten Minutes 'til Breaktime 2:23 Karoc Quarry XavierEXE Here
Trodden-Down Paths 2:51 Olux Swamp Needlr Here
Fringe of Fantasy 4:09 Pre-Light Forest XavierEXE Here
The Forest Lives On 3:52 Light Forest Needlr Here
The Forest Dies 3:09 Dark Forest Needlr Here
The Outlook is Bleak 2:50 Kander Forest XavierEXE Here
Gylia Shanty 4:15 Cinfras County Needlr Here
Aimless Paths 2:51 Canyon of the Lost Needlr Here
Clear Day Shadows from Above 2:50 Ozoth's Spire XavierEXE Here
Call of the Orient 3:17 Sakura Dojo XavierEXE Here
The Dark Artist's Anthem 3:33 Qira's Hive Selvut283, Corpe_ Here
Blazing Mountain 3:12 Lower Molten Heights Needlr Here
Peaks of Ash and Flame 3:10 Upper Molten Heights XavierEXE Here
Amongst the Clouds 4:16 Sky Islands Needlr Here


Name Length Location Composer(s) Web Link
Machinations of Chaos 2:31 Corkus XavierEXE Here
Wings of Distrust 2:26 Avos Territory XavierEXE Here
Settlements of Freedom 2:54 Corkus Docks XavierEXE Here
Corkian National Anthem 2:32 Corkus City XavierEXE Here
Water of Prosperity 2:46 Relos XavierEXE Here
All Geared Up 2:34 Ava's Workshop Corpe_ Here


Name Length Location Composer(s) Web Link
Spirited Sailing Stories 2:38 Selchar Needlr Here
Antics of the Fantastical 2:14 Mage Island Needlr Here
The Unforgiving Slopes 4:05 Icy Islands Needlr Here
At the End of the Alley 4:00 Pirate Cove XavierEXE Here
High Tides 1:54 Ocean Salted Here
Stormy Seas 3:23 Ocean Needlr Here
Balada del Vagabundo Marino 2:35 Ocean Selvut283, XavierEXE Here
Affliction of Lunacy 3:53 Half-Moon Island Selvut283 Here
Pioneered Triumph 4:08 Volcanic Isles Selvut283 Here
The Stronghold Yet Stands 4:07 Skiens Island Selvut283 Here
Forgotten Excelsior 2:18 Maro Peaks Selvut283, XavierEXE Here
Craftmas Carol 2:31 Craftmas Island, Wynnter Fair SageBuilds Here
Antiquated Ancestry 3:12 Dead Island Selvut283, XavierEXE Here

Silent Expanse[]

Name Length Location Composer(s) Web Link
Where They Wandered 4:15 Ruined Olmic City Corpe_ Here
All Eyes on Me 4:45 Eyeball Forest XavierEXE Here
Freedom in Darkness 4:49 Lutho XavierEXE Here
Its Melting Point 3:32 Toxic Wastes Corpe_ Here
Tangled in Endless Roots 3:51 Void Valley Corpe_ Here
End of the Road 2:27 Portal to Dern Corpe_ Here

Quest Music[]

These are songs that play in areas that are accessed during Quests.

Name Length Location Quest Composer(s) Web Link
Dormancy Reversal 3:55 Inside of Mount Wynn Arachnids' Ascent XavierEXE Here
Bumps in the Night 2:21 Corrupted Cave Macabre Masquerade Needlr Here
Corkian Madness ? Nemract Mansion Dwelling Walls Selvut283, XavierEXE Here
Skippin' Service 2:44 Honip's Ship Misadventure on the Sea Corpe_ Here
Lost at Sea 0:52 Desert Isle Misadventure on the Sea Corpe_ Here
Accursed Dunes 1:54 Mummy's Tomb Wrath of the Mummy Salted, Selvut283 Here
Allegiances as Quicksand 1:54 Invaded Barracks The Mercenary XavierEXE Here
Mission Wynnpossible 3:10 Mayor's Mansion Kingdom of Sand XavierEXE Here
Visions of the Warrior 2:20 Bob's Tomb Bob's Lost Soul, Reincarnation Selvut283 Here
Echoes of a Bygone Era 2:30 Temple of Time Fate of the Fallen XavierEXE Here
War-Weary Reverie 3:03 Past Nesaak Fate of the Fallen XavierEXE, Selvut283 Here
Forlorn Halls 3:07 The House of Twain The House of Twain abiswas Here
Trespassers will be Excised 2:50 Emerald Labyrinth Jungle Fever XavierEXE Here
Staggering March 3:09 Ariodo's Lab Out of my Mind XavierEXE Here
Burning Soul 2:26 Fleris Cave From the Mountains XavierEXE Here
Dance of Memory 1:38 Caritat Mansion Memory Paranoia SageBuilds Here
Glorious Illusions 2:22 Trippy Forest Shattered Minds XavierEXE Here
Lockdown 4:38 Lexdale Federal Prison Forbidden Prison XavierEXE Here
Tale of the Century 2:51 Airship Flight in Distress XavierEXE Here
Funeral Service at 10 o'clock 1:50 Death's Realm Beyond the Grave SageBuilds Here
Into the Unknown 3:00 Gateway Realm Fantastic Voyage XavierEXE Here
Stumbling to the Brink of Despair 2:32 The Void One Thousand Meters Under SageBuilds Here
Clear Sky Lullaby 3:29 World Above the Clouds The Fortuneteller XavierEXE Here
Enter the Hero 1:22 Siegfried's Theme The Hero of Gavel Corpe_ Here
Endless Climb 2:38 Tower of Ascension Tower of Ascension XavierEXE Here
Infinite Ascension 4:35 Tower of Ascension Tower of Ascension XavierEXE Here
The Hidden Horrors 0:49 Silent Expanse Entrance A Journey Beyond Corpe_ Here
A Twisted Fate 0:40 Abandoned Mines A Journey Beyond Corpe_ Here
A Spineless Screech 0:29 Ruined Olmic City A Journey Beyond Corpe_ Here
What Must Be Done 0:53 Sacrificial Gate A Journey Further Corpe_ Here
Point of No Return 3:58 Unknown Point of No Return XavierEXE Here

Realm Music[]

These are songs played within the realms connected to the main world.

Name Length Realm Composer(s) Web Link
Light's Hymn 3:12 Realm of Light Needlr Here
Unyielding Influence 3:21 The Nether Needlr Here

Discovery Music[]

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

These are songs that can be heard either when finding a discovery, or during a Secret Discovery.

Name Length Discovery Composer(s) Web Link
Bakal's March 2:15 Bak'al's Destruction 1, 2, 3 XavierEXE Here
The Last Hope 3:58 886 AP XavierEXE Here
A Family Fractured 5:10 570 AP Corpe_ Here
The Light Fades 1:08 800 AP Corpe_ Here
For the Future 3:26 900 AP Corpe_ Here
An Enigmatic Visit 2:26 1400 BP Corpe_ Here
An Interesting Find 0:03 When finding a Discovery XavierEXE Here
A Frightening Find ? When finding a Silent Expanse Discovery ? Here

Dungeon and Raid Music[]

These are songs that play while inside Dungeons and Raids.

Name Length Dungeon Composer(s) Web Link
Anthem of Rot 5:21 Decrepit Sewers Needlr, Selvut283 Here
Arachnophobia 2:08 Infested Pit Needlr Here
Bottom of the Food Chain 3:10 Lost Sanctuary Selvut283, XavierEXE Here
March of the Defeated 3:14 Underworld Crypt XavierEXE Here
Mirage of Dust 3:09 Sand-Swept Tomb Selvut283, XavierEXE Here
Dissonance 2:12 Ice Barrows XavierEXE Here
Tribal Drums Beating 2:53 Undergrowth Ruins Selvut283, XavierEXE Here
Mind of a Pirate 2:22 Galleon's Graveyard Selvut283, XavierEXE Here
A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-O-N 3:34 Fallen Factory XavierEXE Here
Everpresence 5:46 Eldritch Outlook Corpe_, Selvut283 Here
Prelude to Insanity ? Corrupted Dungeon Entrances Selvut283 Here
Insanity 6:18 Corrupted Dungeons Selvut283 Here
Out Of Time ? Corrupted Dungeons Dextral, Selvut283 Here
Feared by Earth 4:02 Nest of the Grootslangs Corpe_ Here
Journey 6:40 Orphion's Nexus of Light XavierEXE Here
At Its Breaking Point 5:11 The Canyon Colossus XavierEXE Here

Boss Music[]

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

These are songs that play during certain boss fights.

Name Length Boss Composer(s) Web Link
Fierce Foe 2:15 Several bosses Needlr, Selvut283 Here
Fearsome Foe 3:00 Several bosses Needlr Here
Chaotic Encounter 2:18 Several bosses, mainly Boss Altars SageBuilds Here
Uncertain Encounter 3:00 Several bosses, mainly Dungeons XavierEXE Here
Energetic Encounter 3:25 Several bosses Selvut283, XavierEXE Here
Mistress of the Hive 5:32 Qira, Mistress of the Hive Needlr Here
Melody of Reckoning 2:51 Fully Formed Amadel SageBuilds Here
The Last Stand 3:05 Bob's Reincarnation Needlr Here
Weirding 2:06 Altar of Sanctification,
YahyaBot v4.04, Warden of Wisdom
Selvut283, XavierEXE Here
World Ender 2:15 Corrupter of Worlds Selvut283 Here
Countdown to Corruption 2:46 Clock Mystery,
Corrupter of Worlds cave
XavierEXE Here
Legendary Rumble! 2:34 Legendary Challenge XavierEXE Here
Genesis of the End 10:18 The Eye Corpe_ Here
A Day to Remember 6:02 A Hunter's Calling Corpe_ Here
Catalyst for a Fractured Psyche 5:55 Bottomless Pit XavierEXE Here
Earthquake!!! 3:59 Nest of the Grootslangs Corpe_ Here
Play the Savior 7:11 Orphion's Nexus of Light XavierEXE Here
Face of Extinction 5:10 The Canyon Colossus Corpe_ Here
Burning Encounter 5:10 Volatile Fleris Cave Corpe_ Here


These songs are miscellaneous and can be heard during certain parts of the game.

Name Length Location Composer(s) Web Link
Begin the Siege! 3:00 Played during Guild Wars Needlr Here
Party Blues 0:38 Played during Party Bombs Needlr Here
Beatskipper 0:43 V.S.S. Seaskipper Corpe_ Here