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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Necklace Chamber StructureIcon.png

Discovery Lore
Long ago, the Avos hid away a powerful necklace. Despite the many tales and legends of it, it has never been located until now.
Coordinates X: -1877, Z: -3087
Suggested Level 95
Uses Discovery
Requirements Golden Avia Feather

The Necklace Chamber is a discovery/mystery located in the Corkus region. If you wish to find out how to do it yourself you are encouraged to stop reading here.

Stage 1[]

Avos Camp
-1877, 125, -3087
Wynncraft Map

On the right wall of this building you will find an enchanting table with a Golden Avia Feather in an item frame above it. Right-clicking the table with one will create a particle trail leading the player to a large pillar in the Avos Chief's hut, which will break revealing a staircase. Going down the stairs will take the player to a large room in which the Tale of the Lost Necklace NPC sits.

  • The Tale of the Lost Necklace
  • A long, long time ago. Our people, the Avos, hid a very powerful accessory.
  • No one really knows where it is, only the chosen ones, the ones who hid it.
  • However, various clues have been scattered around our island. In case we needed the necklace again.
  • The necklace was sealed away because of the Corkians increased power. The necklace cannot be used in the wrong hands.
  • It's infused with our own nature magic, we charged the necklace with the strongest winds.
  • The first clue lays behind the hut with red cloth, in a cave with torturous rocks.

Stage 2[]

Avos Camp Cliffs
-1876, 115, -3377
Wynncraft Map

The indentation on the side of this cliff contains the next stage. To complete it, you must first step on all three pressure plates inside the hanging cages. These must be triggered very soon after each other. If you have done this fast enough, a hole will open in the floor by the easternmost cage. Jump into it. Continue through the cave found underneath until there is a tent opening on your left. Enter the opening, and go towards the signs. At the end of the cave there is a button which will open the exit when pressed.

Stage 3[]

Corkus Mountaintop
-1435, 152, -3318
Wynncraft Map

The third stage is located on top of a mountain. The best way to access it is to go to the Grandmaster Shaman, and have her create a land bridge spanning the gap between mountains (this will require completion of up to stage 4 of The Envoy Part II). This is considered an easier alternative than climbing what might be the tallest mountain in Corkus. At the coordinates, you must jump down the spring on top of the pillar. Follow the cave until you reach a wall. Triggering a tripwire should open the wall. Once you enter you must complete invisible parkour. Look down into the water; sea lanterns mark where the blocks are. At the end there will be a mob called the Orb of the Water Winds. Once killed it will drop itself as an item. This item will be used for the next stage.

Stage 4[]

Corkus Beach
-1200, 37, -3320
Wynncraft Map

Here, you will find an altar with an enchanting table in the middle. Right click the table with the orb, and wait. You should get teleported. After making your way through the cave you find yourself in, there is a puzzle. You must light up all the lights.

Spoiler alert: the hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the puzzle.
From left to right, hit the 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th plates

After all the lights are lit up, you will get teleported out of the cave.

Stage 5[]

Corkus Mountaintop
-1321, 118, -2994
Wynncraft Map

Enter the lighthouse/house at this location. Head towards the east end, where you will find a lower section that contains holes in the west wall. As you enter the hole and follow the cave, collect 3 blood items. Once you reach the room at the end, drop a blood item onto each spike block that has no blood on it. If this is done fast enough, a wall will break, revealing a teleport. The cave you get teleported into is very long, with some basic parkour. Beware the Ancient Avo Assasins combined charges can be dangerous, and may render the parkour difficult. At the end of the cave is a quiz on the necklace discovery stages.

Spoiler alert: the hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the quiz.
  1. The Avos
  2. In a cave with cages
  3. 4
  4. 3
  5. Orb of the Water Winds

After all the questions are answered correctly, a door will open. Walk into it to enter the Necklace Chamber. Entering will give you the discovery. Walk next to the pedestal in the middle to receive the Necklace of a Thousand Storms.


  • If you are having trouble with stages 2 or 5, it is recommended to bring 2 friends in order to trigger the parts at the same time. This is not a requirement.
  • The 5 locations are quite close to each other; the north end of Corkus, on or next to the mountains.