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Necklace of a Thousand Storms

Item Lore
Sealed away by the Avos of the old days to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, this necklace was enchanted to strengthen its wearers spiritual link to nature itself.
Item Information
Item Necklace
Min. Level 98
Rarity Fabled
Base Health Bonus -300
Obtain Discovery
Tag Untradable
Base Defenses
Air +60
Agility Minimum: 50
Discovery Necklace Chamber

Necklace of a Thousand Storms is a level 98 Necklace, only obtainable from the completion of the Necklace Chamber discovery. It gives a decent air bonus. Its high agility, small damage boosts, and having the highest walk speed in the game makes it ideal for walk speed builds. However, the negative strength, health and health regen might prove a problem with certain builds.


It costs 1236 Emeralds to identify the Necklace of a Thousand Storms.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Health Regen   -26%  -14%
 Strength   ~  -5
 Agility   ~  +10
 Walk Speed   +5%  +20%
  Fire Damage   -19%  -10%
  Water Damage   +4%  +18%
  Air Damage   +4%  +18%
  Thunder Damage   +4%  +18%