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Nexus SiteIcon.png
Coordinates X: 6357, Z: 4549
Suggested Level 59
Involved Quests The Order of the Grook
Uses Fast Travel

The Nexus is a magical transportation hub used for Fast Travel between Pirate Cove, Mage Island, Nemract, Selchar, Llevigar, and Grookwarts. It is first introduced in the quest The Order of the Grook. The nexus can be accessed through the same kind of secret tunnels used to enter Grookwarts, or through the School Ship on Mage Island.

The secret tunnel to Grookwarts in the Nexus

Fast Travel[edit | edit source]

Location Entry point (x, z)

(to Nexus)

Entry point (x, z)

(from Nexus)

Exit Point (x, z)
Pirate Cove -675 -3140 6336 4482 -675 -3160
Mage Island 890 -2890 6329 4521 855 -2845
Nemract 160 -2214 6370 4478 -30 -2155
Selchar 70 -3110 6371 4502 95 -3090
Llevigar -1930 -4475 6377 4523 -2000 -4340
Grookwarts 6711 4434 6374 4513 6711 4434

NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Nell - an NPC who describes the tunnels
  • Mamui - an NPC who talks about the secret tunnel to Grookwarts

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Pirate Cove teleportation can glitch and teleport you under the dock. Remember to swim to surface before you drown.
  • Although there appear to be a lot of crops in the Nexus, none of them can be farmed.
  • Mage Island actually has two ways to get into the Nexus. Although the Boat Captain says to go back to the dock to re-enter the Nexus, going through the Mage Island secret tunnel at 895 -2888 is much faster.